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The Prime Minister Is Building Himself A Gym In The Government Palace

Government representatives have decided that they want a new fitness club on Gregorčičeva Street in Ljubljana. A renovated, modern workout space will soon be built in the basement of the General Secretariat of the Government Palace. After a hard day’s work, will Golob finally be able to take a break and do something to improve his appearance?

A new fitness club will now be located at Gregorčičeva Street 25 in Ljubljana, where the Government Office is located. The new fitness centre will supposedly be a modern, renovated workout space. The renovations will start with the removal and disposal of the worn-out flooring. The General Secretariat of the Government is looking for a contractor to take over the manufacturing, supply and installation of the furniture. It is also looking for a contractor to supply and install fitness equipment and suitable rubberised flooring.

After a hard day’s work, members of the Government team will now be able to relax in the fitness club, where they will have access to weights, bars, strength training machines, cardio machines and other exercise equipment. Bids can be submitted until the 13th of April, reports the newspaper Slovenske novice.

The question that arises is why has the government decided to renovate the premises and for whom they are actually intended. The General Secretariat explained that the premises were being used by the Prime Ministers’ security staff since 2006. In addition to their offices on the ground floor, there is also a small gym in the basement. They added that most of the exercise equipment had been purchased and in use since before 2006, and that the equipment was intended to keep the security staff fit. These are police officers, who also need to be physically fit to do their job. However, as the premises and fitness equipment are in a poor state, they have decided to modernise and renovate the complex.

Domen Mezeg

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