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The Opposition Shot Itself in the Foot Again With the Latest Interpellation! They Only Got 38 Votes for Replacing Janez Cigler Kralj!

Another, this time probably the most sloppily prepared (if that is even possible) interpellation, has fallen. Let’s leave aside the fact that it is obvious that the total IQ of the transitional left has gone down, as nobody in their right mind would have thought to initiate as many as three additional interpellations after a failed vote of no confidence. In their chaos and madness, they wanted to get rid of the super productive and efficient Janez Cigler Kralj. They failed. Just like in the previous interpellations, they did not get enough votes (this time, they only got 38).

We have already seen the vote of no confidence, the interpellation of the Minister of Education, Science and Sport Simona Kustec, and the interpellation of the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Janez Cigler Kralj. The results are devastating for the left-wing opposition. First, they lost because they only managed to garner 40 votes. Subsequently, in both of the interpellations, they only managed to get 38 votes. In the case of Kustec, 41 MPs voted against the interpellation, and in the case of Cigler Kralj, the number rose to 44 MPs. If we allow ourselves to be cynical for a moment, we could even say that the fact that they got as many votes as they did, and not less, could also be considered a victory for them.  

Let’s recap. An interpellation was filed against the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities because the annuitants were bothered by the fact that the institute received public money on one of the tenders. The interpellation also cited a few other poorly articulated reasons, but what blame can you put on the Minister, whose ministry is finally doing its job and building homes for the elderly, while the unemployment is rising more slowly than in the “core Europe?” The Minister himself was satisfied with the outcome of the interpellation. He calmly commented that the debate on the interpellation ended in the late hours, with 44 votes against and 38 votes in favour of it.

He said that, just like he predicted, the discussion also brought some insight into the functioning of our society. The MPs talked honestly about the situation in the field of care for the elderly before and after the epidemic. He stressed that the situation in this area has not been good in the past decade. He also added that he believes that positive moves forward can only happen in an open society, where people respect their fellow human beings and are aware of the fact that our future depends on all of us. He thanked all those who support him in his endeavours to help ensure the well-being of all residents.

Shot in the foot
As we already wrote in the introduction of this article, the one thing that was needed for the complete defeat of the opposition was the final nail in the coffin, which would have happened if they lost with 36 votes this time, but instead, they only got 38. And now, to get serious again, the fact that you first work on the vote of no confidence for six months, and then you quickly file interpellations against three rather productive ministers, is something that does not happen in serious politics. Each of these interpellations was a shot in the foot and a serious indication of a decrease in the total IQ of the transitional left.

Aleš Ernecl

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