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This is How Editor Jančič Shut the Left-Wing Activist Kovač Up Regarding the Slovenian Media Scene!

“The two largest media outlets in the country, when it comes to television, when it comes to politics, are the public media outlet RTV and POP TV. They are by far the largest, both financially and in terms of influence. How much influence do Janez Janša or the Hungarian capital have on these two media outlets? 0.0 percent. In Slovenia, the Hungarian capital has a very small share, and it is welcome in this part, as it contributes to pluralism,” the journalist and editor Peter Jančič said in a broadcast on the third programme of RTV Slovenia.

“In Parliament, when Mr. Marko Milosavljević, Mr. Lenart J. Kučić and the President of the Slovene Association of Journalists were explaining this, I was shocked when one of the MEPs asked them to explain the structure of the media space so that they could see the actual proportions of this influence, and they all said that they could not explain anything,” the editor-in-chief of the SIOL web portal, Peter Jančič, initially said in response to the misleading statements of the university professor and anti-independence activist Miha Kovač. Jančič is convinced that this structure can be explained in a very simple way. As he added, we have five different news shows in our country.

“How much influence do Janez Janša or the Hungarian capital have on these five news shows, or otherwise? 0.0 percent.” He also explained that when it comes to television, the two biggest media outlets are the public RTV and POP TV. Namely, they are by far the largest televisions, both financially and in terms of their influence. “How much influence do Janez Janša or the Hungarian capital have on these two media outlets? 0.0 percent.” Jančič also added that he believes it is not wise to manipulate the Slovenian public or the European parliament in such a way, as everyone knows that this is not true. In Slovenia, the Hungarian capital owns a very small share and is welcome with its share because it contributes to pluralism.

Recently, we have witnessed extensive attempts to mislead both the Slovenian and the international public in regard to the question of influencing the Slovenian media. Through its helpful journalists and political activists, the left-wing opposition exported a bunch of lies about the alleged pressure on Slovenian journalists and the media by the Janša government, which is a claim that can be quickly dismissed by analysing the ownership structure of the mainstream media and their actual daily reporting. A recent study by the Ministry of Culture also clearly showed which web portals have the greatest reach and who they are in favour of in their reporting.

The misleading impression regarding the authoritarian encroachment on the media space is doubly strengthened by those who believe they have the sole right to the mainstream media, and one of them is also the professor and political activist Kovač. We can connect many other things that are harmful or at least controversial for the nation, the state and the Slovenian society with him. To put it figuratively, he is a self-proclaimed carpenter who is actually a “bark beetle.” This is someone who, in recent months, as a political commentator on the public RTV, openly supported the illegal political cycling rallies at the height of the corona crisis. The rallies were also attended by his daughter Nika Kovač, who is the head of the March 8th Institute (Zavod 8. marec). This is an apparatus that unites people with sexual frustrations, who try to bring their frustrations into Slovenian society and legislation under the guise of the fight for women’s rights, which was also well-explained by the psychoanalyst Roman Vodeb.

Miha Kovač is the son of Božo Kovač, a member of the Kučan clan and a former member of Forum 21
Kovač is also someone who, for example, declared the Slovenian national football team a consequence of the self-destructive nationalism and publicly and shamelessly opposed Slovenia’s independence in the most crucial moments of this decisive process. He is also someone who is latched on to the state budget and has successfully been tricking the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for years.
He is also an influential member of the Kučan clan: his father Božo Kovač was a member of Forum 21. Considering that he was also the editor-in-chief of the transitional pamphlet Mladina in the past, which also received money from the vascular stents deals, meaning at the expense of the health of all Slovenians, we can safely conclude that he is a representative of the hard transitional left. All members of the Kovač family are thus closely involved in various Marxist systemic constructs, from the more “forum” ones or the hard-line ones to those that are more modern – the feminist ones, which primarily harm society, the nation and the state.

Domen Mezeg

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