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The media are very much involved in the overthrowing of the government and forming of the KUL coalition: Božič from POP TV as an extended arm of the transitional left!

“It is now possible for them to wait until the end of the term in the alternative KUL coalition,” POP TV journalist Anže Božič wrote on Twitter, referring to the SMC party, for which he believes it could become a part of the so-called alternative, the self-proclaimed Constitutional Arch Coalition (Koalicija ustavnega loka – hereinafter referred to as “KUL,” which translates to cool) until the next election. The KUL coalition was founded in a partisan manner, in the shadows, by the representatives of the left-wing opposition parties, together with the “autocrat” Jože P. Damijan, who is known for his anti-European stance, and for his support for the abolition of the common European currency in particular, which he calls fascist. With his actions, Božič clearly showed the public what journalistic activism looks like, and proved that mainstream media outlets, such as POP TV, are involved in the political settling of the score.

More and more indicators are proving that the mainstream media journalists are actually political activists, actively participating in the political settling of the score, who also actively try to take advantage of every event and every small affair, in order to defend their political option and try to bring down the current government. This recently happened when a left-wing journalist responded to Janez Janša’s Twitter post, in which the Prime Minister commented on the current political developments in the U.S., which POP TV journalist Anže Božič apparently perceives as something that could be the reason for dissolving Janša’s government and the SMC party entering the self-proclaimed Constitutional Arch Coalition, led by Jože P. Damijan,  an economist who is known for his controversial belief that the euro should be abolished and that it is a fascist currency.

We have written about how the Slovenian political left and POP TV clearly work together many times before. Among other things, this was very evident in the case of Friday’s protests, when 24ur journalist Katarina Matejčič publicly and shamelessly coordinated with the unofficial leader of the protests, Jaša Jenull, in front of everyone, on the scenario for the recording of one of Friday’s protests. The fact that 24ur is extremely well-informed on matters, which can only leave a person standing with his mouth hanging wide open in surprise, also proves that they are used to working with the left. In a post on Twitter, MP Anja Bah Žibert wondered, when did Suzana Perman become a member of the Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services (Komisija za nadzor obveščevalnih in varnostnih služb –referred to as KNOVS) and advised that she should be the one to carry out the unannounced inspections in the future, instead of the coalition MPs. Perman is said to know much more about the current matters than the actual members of KNOVS. Prime Minister Janez Janša was also critical of this, commenting that so far, POP TV, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the LMŠ party have actually been one single institution, under the auspices of the mighty background of the SD party.

Journalist Božič, who serves the left-wing political option with dedication, has already shown his support for it during the time of the Šarec coalition. “The only journalist in the room is Anže Božič, and instead of tweeting about the contents of Franc Kangler’s testimony and the abuses of law enforcement, he is tweeting about how the room is filled with coalition MPs and saying that the commission is unconstitutional. Understand that if you can,” the chairman of the commission, Žan Mahnič, tweeted during the hearing of the parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for investigating abuses in the case of Franc Kangler and others.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the hearing of Franc Kangler began before the Commission of Inquiry, which was establishing the political responsibility of those involved in the prosecution of the former Maribor Mayor, who is now a state councillor, and the alleged abuse in his prosecution. But many cases of abuse of the justice system, as chairman Mahnič revealed in his tweet, are clearly not something that the fourth branch of power, the media, is interested in. The only journalist present was POP TV’s Anže Božič, and even he was not interested in the content of the hearing. During the interrogation, he tweeted about the unconstitutionality of the commission, as it allegedly violated the principle of separation of powers, because the members of the coalition five, beware, excluded themselves.

Domen Mezeg

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