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Jelinčič rejected the speculations about participating in the alternative government: SNS is not a party that jumps from one side to the other!

Leader of the SNS party, Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti, was a guest on the show Topic of the day (Tema dneva), where he and the host of the show, Luka Svetina, talked about the rumours that SNS would be the party which brings enough votes for yet another in a series of the “anti-Janšaistic alternatives,” this time, led by Karel Erjavec. They also talked about the protests and the work of the police.   

Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti, the leader of the SNS party, was a guest on Luka Svetina’s show Topic of the day (Tema dneva). The two talked about current issues concerning the party, for example, whether the SNS party will become a member of the “anti-Janšaistic alternative,” led by Karl Erjavec.

At the very beginning, Jelinčič categorically denied that the SNS party has anything to do with the alternative, led by the former, and probably also future president of the DeSUS party, Karl Erjavec. Jelinčič also criticized the DeSUS party, saying that the SNS is not a party that jumps from one side to the other, thus hinting at DeSUS. He added that the SNS is a consistent party that walks its own path and keeps its word.

As to whether Jože Damijan had invited the SNS party to join the KUL coalition (the Constitutional Arch Coalition), Jelinčič replied that he had not invited them to join. The SNS president assumes it is because Damijan already knows what the position of the Slovenian National Party (SNS) is. He hinted that the news of any connection between the SNS and the alternatives had been made up by someone and that this was probably also an attempt at subversion. He added that it is true that certain people have contacted them, offering them different things, but that all of this simply makes no sense.

Cooperation with the current government is excellent
Jelinčič praised the cooperation with the current government and said that they often prepare their own proposals, which the government has considered many times. Sometimes they disagree with the government, the example he gave is the conduct of the police at the violent protests, as the SNS believes that the police should have acted more harshly, more aggressively. As Jelinčič put it, they should have punished the violators, handcuffed them, and neutralized the violent protesters and bandits directly, with the use of a water cannon, and not in the way they actually did. Jelinčič also called for the deportation of all rioters with foreign citizenship, for a period of at least ten years.

Jelinčič and Svetina also spoke about the behaviour of the opposition and RTV Slovenia, regarding Jelinčič’s response to President Pahor’s claim that at the time of gaining our independence, politicians really knew how to stand together. Jelinčič said that the leftists were just as obstructive back then, except that they had to adapt, to submit to the pressures of the public, which was extremely determined on what it wants, unlike today. He also commented on what happened on RTV Slovenia, where they inserted a banner in a documentary about Slovenian independence, which read that the RTV Slovenia distances itself from the claims made in the documentary. Jelinčič said he considers this to be treason.

And regarding Damijan’s statement that they will have enough votes to form a coalition by January, Jelinčič cynically said that perhaps that is true in Kosovo or Northern Macedonia, but not in Slovenia. Concerning Karl Erjavec’s return to the position of president of the DeSUS party, Jelinčič said that DeSUS would sink even further because of Erjavec, as the pensioners no longer trust him.

The SD party and Levica are to blame
He also spoke about the SNS’s stance that the government should sometimes be even harsher in its performance, as kindness does not work because the opponent understands it as a weakness. He said that the violence was mainly the fault of two opposition parties, the SD party and Levica, which, according to Jelinčič, managed to lure foreign troublemakers to Slovenia with the help of certain officials, which is also why the two parties are fighting so hard for the offices of the National Bureau of Investigation to not be purged. He added that the people working there must be professional, dedicated and, above all, patriotic.

Aleš Ernecl

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