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The Association Of Journalists And Publicists: The Fotopub Affair Has Almost Completely Disappeared From The Media, Which Is Worrying!

“We at the Association of Journalists and Publicists have noticed that the news of sexual abuse allegedly taking place in the premises of Fotopub and in the apartment of its founder, Dušan Smodej, has almost completely disappeared from media coverage, and some media outlets have practically not reported on it at all, which is worrying.”

The Association of Journalists and Publicists considers tragic events to be both a mirror of society and, at the same time, an opportunity to make the necessary and urgent changes that will lead to a healthier society. Pathologies not only in culture but also in other spheres and groups need to be addressed through open and honest public addresses and discussions by experts and other stakeholders in the media. “Otherwise, the collective trauma deepens, and the consequences are long-lasting and devastating,” the journalists’ association warns.

It is the media’s job to open up the debate and investigate the anomalies, so the Association of Journalists and Publicists believes it would be right to investigate this topic further and demand answers about what happened, why and how public funds could have been allocated for art that can hardly be called art at all. The law enforcement authorities must also do their part.

Sara Kovač

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