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RTV Councillors Are Getting More And More Entangled In Getting Rid Of “Unsuitable” Staff

The new Programme Councillors of the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia (RTVS), appointed by Golob’s so-called “civil society” on the basis of the controversial unconstitutional Radio-Television Slovenia Act, have become a true Slovenian “meme” in recent months, starting with the very first meeting they had, when they gathered at Kolodvorska Street like some kind of tavern sages and gave the impression that they had no idea what they were doing there, except that their task was to get rid of the current RTV management team, which the ruling politicians do not like whatsoever, as soon as possible. From one session to the next, we are now witnessing a tragic comedy of errors that has no end in sight.

At the moment, they are amateurishly going about the basic task for which the deep state put them there: the removal of the current leadership of RTV Slovenia before it manages to sweep away the Sodom and Gomorrah that has taken root at the said institution. Namely, the Councillors voted in favour of the recall of the acting Director-General of RTV, Andrej Grah Whatmough, because of allegedly controversial contracts he had concluded with the editor Rajko Gerič.

This is all well and good – but such serious allegations need to be backed up by serious evidence before the Councillors can actually be convinced that the alleged misconduct is so well-proven and so serious as to require drastic action, such as the removal of the Acting Director of RTV.

But no! Apparently, they have no evidence to prove their claims at all. They only asked for the controversial contracts that Grah Whatmough had concluded with Gerič after the vote – to see whether they were really controversial.

Taxpayers will have to pay for their “miscarriage of justice”

So, it looks as if the councillors want to first invent the reason for the Director-General’s dismissal and then confirm the invention only with a later creative interpretation of the contract and labour law (which the Legal Network is probably already writing for them). The interpretation will, of course, fail in court, and Grah Whatmough will be heavily financially compensated, like the never-to-be Director of RTV and current President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, when she received 70,000 euros of taxpayers’ money. Of course, Grah Whatmough’s compensation will also be paid for by the taxpayers, not by the Programme Councillors of RTV Slovenia.

The Programme Council of the “civil society”

The Chairman of the Programme Council is Goran Forbici, who was, until recently, the head of the Centre for NGOs (CNVOS). His deputy is Špela Stare, a representative of another ideologically aligned organisation – the Slovene Association of Journalists (Društvo novinarjev Slovenije – DNS). Since its formation, the Council has been acting like the parliament of North Korea – they are 100 percent united in everything, which is logical, as they represent a single political option. Another Programme Councillor, the extreme leftist and philosopher Tadej Troha, even threatened the prominent professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Miro Haček, who dared to criticise the new Programme Council. Troha said: “Haček has not been doing a good service to his reputation lately.” We all know what such remarks meant in the previous regime and also what they mean in the Golob regime, which, more often than not, resembles the Russian one.

The current Acting Director of TV Slovenia, Uroš Urbanija, pointed out on Twitter that this was “a well-crafted threat from the new Councillor” and that at the very first meeting of the new Council, “President Forbici said that they will work legally if they can. Apparently, the pressures are too great to be able to work legally … However, it is all unanimous.”

Andrej Žitnik

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