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The Left-Wing Parties Are Staying Silent On Migrant Violence In The “Core” EU Country – France

In France, migrants and their descendants have now been engaging in street violence for the seventh day in a row. Even the unfortunate Ukrainian city of Kherson is quieter these days than besieged French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille and others. The wild protesters have no boundaries and have long forgotten the original reason for the protests – which was that the police shot and killed a young French Algerian, presented in the media as “a boy who liked to play rugby,” while the official records state there were 12 warrants issued for his arrest, and he was stopped in an expensive Mercedes with a foreign registration, and nobody knows exactly how the unemployed teenager ended up in the said car. However, the teenager has already had a funeral and is now practically forgotten. Now, the protests are about looting shops, destroying churches, French national symbols, overturning cars, and even attacking people’s homes (including that of the family of one of the Vice-Mayors of Paris). We asked the Slovenian left, which in the past has enthusiastically supported the open-door policy, the knocked-down fences and the lax migrant policy that has already led to the rape of a 74-year-old Slovenian woman by a young Palestinian, what they think of the protests.

Namely, the entire Slovenian left-wing coalition has been remarkably silent as France experiences a new wave of “cultural enrichment” every day. It is clear that it is not “the French” who are protesting, as Petrič’s Delo newspaper is trying to pretend. Perhaps such media rhetoric would have worked 15 years ago, but it certainly does not work today. The French are staying at home, in fear for their lives – and the bravest are patrolling their neighbourhoods with katanas, because the rule of law has fallen and the police are no longer protecting regular citizens. The people on the streets are definitely not French – there are many genuine migrants (with or without the proper status), but there are also many children of migrants from former French colonies who (as in any country they arrive in) cannot assimilate. We can hear chants of “Allah is great!”, “France is ours!” and “Mohammed is the only prophet!” while people of sub-Saharan, North African and Middle Eastern descent with machine guns are being transported in stolen police vans after having brutally beaten up helpless French policemen.

This is a single group

France has a huge migrant population: the Asian diaspora in France has around 5 million citizens (almost 7 percent of the population). But they are not the ones protesting. There are many people from former Warsaw Pact countries living in France, too. But they are also not the ones protesting. There are many people from the Balkans. They are not protesting either. The best-kept secret of the French protests, which everyone knows about but no one is allowed to actually say out loud, is that only Muslims are protesting. Not just those from the former colonies, but all Muslims. Even those who came to France as asylum seekers from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc. This is not just a question of the colonial past (and in addition, the fact that young Muslims do not want to find jobs and young non-French Asians and whites do has nothing to do with the colonial past).

The Slovenian left focuses exclusively on importing Muslim migrants

In light of all this, it is worth pointing out that the main migration agenda of our far-leftists – who in the past have hidden migrants in the National Assembly and chained themselves to illegal African migrants – is precisely to bring as many Muslim migrants as possible to Slovenia. Not Ukrainian ones – they don’t care about them or even fear them. They only care about the migrants who are camping in Bosnia and who are trying every day, again and again, to reach Slovenia via the Kolpa River. The fence at the border with Croatia was removed because it was effective, not because it was supposedly ineffective.

Not too long ago, Nataša Sukič, a Member of Parliament from the coalition Left party (Levica) and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly chained herself to a migrant with a chain and a padlock, who should have been deported by the police in accordance with the Dublin Agreement. His asylum application was not granted. This happened in the context of a protest organised by members of the Asylum Seekers’ Initiative and other support organisations in front of the asylum centre in Vič at 7 a.m. on the day of the planned deportation. They demanded that the government should not carry out the extradition to Croatia.

The case of Shami

However, this was not the first such incident. It is also worth pointing out that a few years ago, members and parliamentarians of the Left party and the Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD) hid a migrant called Ahmad Shami from the police in the National Assembly, who should also have been deported by the police – and he is still in the country today. At the time, in a blatant mockery of the rule of law, he was “hidden” in the National Assembly by far-left activists, and the migrant was then “interviewed” in the National Assembly by Milan Brglez, Matjaž Han and Jan Škoberne (all members of the SD party), Miha Kordiš (the Left party) and the far-leftist Miha Blažič, better known as the rapper N’toko. Ahmad Shami then “conducted business” in the centre of Ljubljana, where he set up a barbershop – the protection of the ruling politicians apparently also gave him immunity from the laws that ordinary citizens are otherwise obliged to strictly observe. Nevertheless, the mainstream media martyred him by calling him “a psychological victim of bureaucracy, one of the key weapons of the European and Slovenian war against refugees and migrants.” But no one mentioned that a grown man had left his wife and children at home. Did you ever hear such concern for migrants when war-torn Ukrainians came to Slovenia?

The fallen fence as a symbol

The removal of the fence on the border with Croatia was a symbol of sorts. Some said it was to protect animals caught in nets, some said fences were ineffective, but the most outspoken were the members of the Left party, as they admitted between the lines that fences are effective in preventing illegal migration, but they want migrants to be able to come here. And indeed – what had to happen happened. Last year, the number of illegal crossings of the state border with Croatia increased by 64 percent. In the Left party, they would say that everything is going according to plan – we are becoming France. In the meantime, the government has also gratefully accepted Brussels’ migrant quotas, which would allow the “German” European Commission to redistribute dangerous German criminals who have been granted international protection “fairly” to other EU countries.

The coalition parties have not yet replied to our question and probably never will. The only public response to what is happening in France has been the one given by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which has temporarily advised all citizens against travel to France. They obviously do not want to talk about the empirical consequences of what happens when a group of migrants is imported into a country, but that group is particularly unresponsive to assimilation into the culture and the country in which they live. They could have at least been as honest as Germany’s Die Linke, which in a tweet about the protests in France, wrote: 1. This is how you fight the rich. And 2. This is how a protest is organised.

We all suspect that, at least in the Left party, this is what they actually believe, but for now, they dare not say it out loud.

Andrej Žitnik


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