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Rapper Zlatko, who recently shamelessly attacked Milan Krek, openly supported Šarec’s LMŠ in the past!

Last year during the election campaign before the European elections, Zlatan Čordić, a rapper, protester, Cankar and journalist, all in one person, tried to convince the public that the belief “all politicians are the same” is not valid. He substantiated his claim with the fact that he has chosen his candidate, Edis Rujović, who was a candidate on the list of Marjan Šarec’s LMŠ. Both Rujović and Čordić are in favour of open and sunny Europe, he said, stressing that every vote matters. However, Zlatko does not only sympathize with the LMŠ party, a few days ago, he also supported the Levica and SD parties and called on the public to submit their signature for the referendum.

It is ridiculous to even debate about whether Zlatan Čordić is a journalist or not; the answer is clear anyway. Whether he considers himself to be a journalist, is another question. But he also considers himself to be Ivan Cankar, so his roles should not really surprise us at all. However, Zlatko is, without a doubt, a protester and sympathizer of more than just one of the left-wing parties. He was recently spotted at the stand of the Levica party, and last May, during the election campaign before the European elections, he publicly supported Marjan Šarec’s LMŠ party’s candidate list and its candidate Edis Rujović. At that time, however, the journalist Irena Joveva, who worked for the commercial POP TV before running on LMŠ’s list, received the most votes.

For the time being, the answer to the question of who is using whom or who is more useful to whom remains a mystery. Is Zlatko exploiting the left-wing opposition for his own promotion, or vice versa, and are the left-wing parties exploiting him to play some kind of mascot for them. It is quite possible, of course, that it is a kind of symbiosis, based on the principle of “You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”. We should not forget about the role of our public television RTV, which hosted Zlatko without a mask in one of its show, and also helped him sneak into the national ceremony in celebration of the Statehood Day. He already wanted to try himself in the role of a journalist there and asked the President of the Republic Borut Pahor a few questions, using a megaphone in the middle of the celebration.

Keeping their own mother a secret
The fact that in Slovenia the same people appear in several different roles, which are often, at least in theory, also in conflicting interest, is nothing new. Let us remind you of the fact that, in addition to the already mentioned Joveva, who moved from working as a journalist to the European benches, both Šarec and Tanja Fajon were also employed on the public RTV in the past. And there are almost too many similar cases to be able to list them all. In addition to the fact that some politicians are also journalists (and vice versa), they also act as protesters. While no members of the opposition can be seen protesting against the government measures abroad, this is another special feature in our country, that we can be proud of. So far, we were able to spot quite a few politicians from the opposition at the protests, even the more prominent ones. For example – Marjan Šarec, Damir Črnčec and Tanja Fajon have all been seen at the protests. However, one should also wonder where all the information is coming from and for what purpose. Undoubtedly, Zlatko received insider information from someone about Krek’s whereabouts at a certain time, as he intercepted him on his way back from a meeting which was held at the Ministry of Education. It is more than obvious, however, that they all come from the same nest, even though they do not admit it out loud. Just who are the pater (or mater) familias of this extended family?

Serf Zlatko and his right?
The day after the “journalistic” attack on the director of the National Institute of Public Health, Milan Krek, the self-proclaimed journalist Zlatko apologized for his actions. Mainly because the public strongly condemned what he did. If he had garnered any more approval, he certainly would not have apologized. “When I saw the footage, it really looked very unprofessional, because I was not prepared for that shoot,” he said, explaining that he did not follow Krek beforehand, but stumbled upon him by accident. Which is a pretty obvious lie, as he started his live recording by thanking everyone for the questions he received. Several sources also reported that Zlatko had previously asked his followers on Facebook what questions they would ask Krek if they got the chance to speak to him, which is still evident on his profile. “We are all adhering to the measures,” Zlatko also boasted, apparently forgetting that he was not wearing a protective mask, neither at the Levica stand nor during the attack on Krek. How can you believe anything that is said by a person who repeatedly lies, several times in one minute, calmly and without hesitation? This is what Krek said about Zlatko’s journalistic abilities: “I am always willing to provide answers for any questions, but this was not just him asking me questions. And if anyone sees this as asking questions, that is also a big problem, because they apparently do not know the difference between violence and non-violence. Everyone has the right to ask me questions, but it is important to know that I also have the right not to answer. Both rights must be respected. “

There are quite a few coincidences related to Zlatko. We will also ask the Ministry of Culture, who actually supports Zlatko’s artistic creations and his rather non-artistic actions, as the Ministry has been funding him for years. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has already given him 1,750 euros of basic income and a 200-euro allowance for a large family. As an independent cultural worker, his contributions are paid by the state in one way or another. We can only guess by what, or better said, by whose criteria, he acquired the status of a cultural worker. However, an inquiry would almost certainly bring us to the company of the above-mentioned political species.

Sara Kovač

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