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Here is what Golobič really thinks about DeSUS and Erjavec

The fact that the Constitutional Arch Coalition is not about genuine love or at least enthusiasm can be quickly recognized with just a few basics of psychoanalysis. Body language, facial expressions, rhetorical slips – all of this points to the fact that the people who are being served to us as the main players, ad nauseam by the central media, are not there because of their own ideas or desires, but because they were told to be there. The puppet master Gregor Golobič, whose will almost certainly created the Constitutional Arch Coalition, currently needs Karl Erjavec in his plans, but Golobič’s opinion of Erjavec, while he was still in politics, was not very positive.

Gregor Golobič, a former politician who had the greatest influence on the media and the journalistic community, as well as on the distribution of the advertising money to the media through state-owned companies, shared his opinion on the DeSUS party and the then-party president Karl Erjavec a while ago. “Parties have certain programmes. DeSUS is distinctly a “one-issue party.” Karl Erjavec, and his functions, which are not just any functions, are the “issue” of this party. The issue he advertises is caring for the retirees. The departments involved are very much afraid of them. Erjavec systematically refuses the position of Minister of Labour, because his political programme is the status quo.” According to Golobič, as a minister, you have to work for things to change. “You have to consider the reality. You have to do something,” he said clearly.

“What motivates DeSUS? Karl Erjavec is interested in politics, and the motive for his interest in politics is the political function that comes with security personnel and a driver. This is what the story is all about, and not how strong the ministry is. There is this huge apparatus that grinds and services this minister and enables him to continue to live carefree,” Golobič pointed out, adding that Erjavec does not protect the interests of the pensioners who have low pensions. According to Golobič, DeSUS is a party of pensioners with high pensions. “In fact, he was overcome with work at the ministry – this is the story about waste. He was overwhelmed by the amount of work at the real ministry. They quickly took advantage of the policy to get rid of this ministry. That is nothing,” he said, adding, “Erjavec’s power is the power of a country that has an atomic bomb. You have it, but you cannot use it. He can threaten and blackmail, but the moment he becomes part of the opposition, he is dead.”

Golobič believes that Erjavec, as a politician, has no values
As we can see, when it comes to the former, and perhaps future president of DeSUS, Karl Erjavec, Gregor Golobič believes that he does not care about the pensioners with low pensions and that, above all, he is always concerned with getting the position which also includes a Mercedes and its own driver. What does that mean? It means that Golobič believes that, as a politician, Erjavec is without values ​​and also without virtues. That he is an uncompromising, greedy man, without a spine, who cares for no one but himself. And now Golobič needs Erjavec so that the Constitutional Arch Coalition can finally get enough votes for the constructive vote of no confidence, or for Constitutional Arch Coalition to be able to form a coalition after the next election. We are sure that Golobič will be able to provide both a driver and a Mercedes for Erjavec.

 Aleš Ernecl

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