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Orbanisation Is No Longer A Problem, And Golob Even Shielded Orban From Uncomfortable Questions

There is no end in sight for the hypocrisy of the left – it is their modus operandi. For the last two years, Slovenia has been hearing about the “Orbanisation” and the left’s incitement of the people against it, while not a single good word was said about the Hungarian Prime Minister. Of course, everything was linked to former Prime Minister Janez Janša. That this was only part of their corrupt propaganda is proved by the fact that on Friday, the left-wing government was happily taking photos with the very person they have been slandering for the last two years. And now, “Orbanisation” is suddenly no longer a problem? How convenient.

“The same Slovenian media that just a few months ago were scaring everyone with claims of “Orbanisaton” are now kindly calling Orban the ‘Hungarian guest’…” investigative journalist Bojan Požar wrote on Twitter, who said exactly what everyone who has been listening to the leftists’ scary claims about “Orbanisation” for the last two years, was thinking, now that those same leftists have invited Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, for a visit.

And there has been no sign of Orbanisation, of course. Orbanisation was just another nonsense that they used for their own purposes – yesterday, they were inciting the public against Orban, and today, they are hanging out with him and praising him in the media.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban paid a visit to Robert Golob, who gave him a shamelessly pleasant welcome, given that for the last two years, the left, in its fantasy fight against the former Prime Minister Janez Janša, has been “using” Orban, among others, for its propaganda fight.

Orbanisation is something that was constantly being written about and used as something to scare the public with; the whole topic has been thoroughly covered by the Social Democrats party (Socialni demokrati – SD), and Fridays’ political protests were also constantly talking about Orbanisation. And the main thing is that for two years, the mainstream media reported on the evil that Viktor Orban supposedly brings, but now, Orban is just a “friendly guest” – since Golob is in power. Could this be any more obvious?

Yesterday, he was vilified; today, they are smiling at him

Let’s remember the year 2020 when the then-State Secretary Dr Jernej Štromajer and Tanja Fajon organised an event entitled: “A Conversation: Living Under Orbán” and warned against the effect of “Orbanisation.” However, what they forgot to mention was that the “Orbanisation” they had been warning against has been present in Slovenia since its independence. The only difference is that the media monopoly was in the hands of the left back then, which suited them, and this is becoming more and more obvious each day.

At one of their rallies, the Friday protesters also addressed the Hungarian influence on Slovenia. They warned of “Orbanisation” with a “futuristic tour” of the capital, renaming Republic Square, Slovenska Street and Prešeren’s Monument. They were led by Jaša Jenull, while the whole thing was supported by the people who obviously had nothing better to do with their time – say, go to work, and they therefore had the time to cycle around Ljubljana waving flags.

Among other things, Jaša Jenull tried to scare everyone by claiming that Hungary was investing capital in Slovenian companies, which is ironic, given that today, Golob would be more than happy to do business with him. Janša “set this up” for him, though, which he also wrote on Twitter, and now Golob is shamelessly enjoying the fruits of the previous Prime Minister’s labour. And the situation with the opening of the power line is the same. Orban came to visit Slovenia about two years after he, together with the previous Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša and the then-Croatian Foreign Minister, Gordan Grlić Radman, symbolically marked the start of work on the installation of a 2 x 400-kilovolt transmission line, which represents the first systemic link between the electricity grids of Slovenia and Hungary, and also connects to the Croatian grid.

Ana Horvat

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