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The Teacher Who Invited A Transvestite To Lecture Her Students On Transgenderism Is Golob’s Political Activist!

In recent days, a good part of the public was upset by the news that students of the Secondary School of Forestry and Woodworking Postojna listened to a lecture given by transwoman Lia Bordon about transgenderism and her “journey” through the transition from Janez to Lia. The very fact that some schools are already following the new Family Code, even though it is not yet in force, is problematic, but what is even more worrying is that the teacher Urška Blazinšek, who invited Bordon to the school, happens to be a political activist of the largest coalition party – the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje svoboda). It is unacceptable to impose propaganda in this way, to stimulate doubts in adolescents and to violate their physical and mental integrity. Are we, therefore, about to see the opening of a department within the University Medical Centre, where mastectomies, vaginoplasties, phalloplasties and hormonal castrations will be carried out?

“Let’s lift the veil of the unknown. We are talking about transgenderism. A big thank you goes to Lia Bordon,” wrote the Secondary School of Forestry and Woodworking. On their Facebook page, they also posted a picture of the students with a trans woman, once Janez, who is now Lia. Bordon thanked the students for their attention and frank conversation and also revealed that the teacher Urška Blazinšek invited Bordon to come to the school. Blazinšek is a political activist and candidate of the Freedom Movement party for municipal councillor in Ilirska Bistrica.

In recent months, the Freedom Movement party and the government coalition have fast-tracked the adoption of the controversial Family Code, which is not yet in force because it is currently being evaluated by the Constitutional Court. Political activists who are also teachers, such as Blazinšek, are working hard to slowly introduce the LGBTQIA+ sex education, which includes gender reassignment and sexual orientation, in kindergartens and schools.

Aleš Primc has submitted a constitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court to allow a family referendum to protect children and families. Primc has repeatedly pointed out that the law in question goes beyond the Constitutional Court’s recent decision and indirectly allows indoctrination in schools. The left wants total control over education, because this is when young people are forming their personalities. This is the task of the LGBT activists who are coming to schools. They deprive children of respect for family authority and foster contact with the “new normal.”

The transvestite accused the healthcare system of causing many to commit suicide because of the long transition process

Lia Bordon gave a lecture to future healthcare workers. In all likelihood, the lecture was about the transition, as Bordon has criticised the Slovenian healthcare system on several occasions in regard to gender reassignment. In an interview with the N1 media outlet, Bordon said that we have a big problem in Slovenia, which is that the procedure is not clearly defined, and there are no clear steps that an individual can follow. “You are at the mercy of individual doctors and specialists who decide how to proceed, where to send you… And that can take years.” Bordon added that “such cases exist in Slovenia, and there are some people who just give up in the process. We know tragic stories where people even commit suicide because the process is just too difficult.” Bordon also said that many times during the transition process, she had the feeling that some steps were being deliberately delayed, that the healthcare system intentionally leaves people in a state of uncertainty and without concrete knowledge about the process.

“That is why I think these procedures should be faster and more professionally supported, with a clear sequence, so that a person in such a situation can organise his life as much as possible and anticipate certain steps, as there are many, indeed,” Bordon said in the interview. It is extremely problematic to burden and brainwash future healthcare professionals with such manipulative statements, as these activists are trying to indoctrinate the kids from a young age.

Aleš Primc has also responded to what happened, warning mothers and fathers to be vigilant. “’Lifting the veil’ of gender reassignment and sexual orientation at the Secondary School of Forestry and Woodworking in Postojna,” he wrote. Bordon also said that she speaks about her transition “publicly, in the media, on social networks – all in the desire to make the path she has walked easier for those who are yet to walk it.” She has already spoken about how she had surgery on her face, because “my facial lines were distinctly masculine, and I wanted to soften them.” She is still receiving hormone treatment because, as she says, “I want the fat in my body to be redistributed, to give my body those characteristic feminine lines – wider hips, narrower shoulders, softer facial lines.”

Are they willing to “lift the veil” in other areas, too?

Tomaž Štih has sent a request to the school in question, asking if they would accept his initiative to have the Libertarian Club present a topic that would “lift” the veil for young people. He wants to lecture young people on the benefits of classical liberalism, meaning the withdrawal of politics from the economy through privatisation, on freedom of speech and the abolition of the category of “hate speech.” The question is whether they are prepared to introduce young people to this topic, too, which has been completely removed from the school curriculum and will be much more useful to them in their lives than a lecture on transgenderism.

Sara Kovač

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