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Nazi abuse of sport

European Football Championship 2020, now. Germany, Merkel, Von der Leyen have once again grossly abused the European Union and sport by interfering in the internal affairs of Hungary, by directly linking Hungarian athletes with Orban and Hungarian politics. The Germans cannot get out of their old skin! The football match between Germany and Hungary in Munich had been completely politicised for days before, German politics and the media were putting pressure and a real media pogrom on Hungarian players, in short – unsportsmanlike, unfair, (Nazi) violent.

What do Hungarian athletes have to do with Hungarian law restricting gay, lesbian, transgender propaganda and paedophilia among minors? They honourably represent their country regardless of the current government and its policies!

Hitler and Goebbels had already established that sport, the Olympics or any major competition can be an excellent propaganda opportunity, a means of spreading ideologies, indoctrination and other abuses of the masses, joining forces and power, unification. With the film Triumph des Willens (Victory of the Will) from the Nazi Congress in Nuremberg in 1934, Leni Riefenstahl dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, a complete glorification and abuse of the beauty of the young body to manipulate the mind.

Sports events and the promotion of an ideology

Is this today not all artificially and covertly woven in an important football match, an important championship, learned from Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union? Cameras, media, commentators, crowds, screaming, ecstasy, stampede, war between gladiators and war between fans, and in the downloads inciting advertising messages from advertisers who are proven to work and you go to the fridge for beer, chips, when the ad dictates so. Or it stays in you for a long time, for the next time, forever. In the Soviet Union, as well as in Yugoslavia, a glorious inscription to the leader, his gigantic image, slogans for revolution, socialism, work was planted on the stadium…

So how to promote yourself or your ideology globally and practically for free? First you have to wrap the ideology in philanthropy, present yourself as endangered, as a seeker of justice, surprise the organisers, the umbrella organisation. When the organisers of the decisive match between Germany and Hungary for the semi-finals, at the suggestion of the German Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and LGBT, wanted to decorate with lights the main grandstand of the stadium in Munich with rainbow gay colours, UEFA finally reacted, and rightly and correctly so; it should have already reacted so earlier for the kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM)! But then the German left and LGBT handed out rainbow flags to fans in front of the stadium, a nearby high windmill emitted rainbow light signals, and German national team goalkeeper Neuer wore a rainbow captain’s armband.

Hungary and Jesse Owens

German fans whistled at the Hungarian flag, the Hungarian anthem, and therefore also the Hungarian athletes, the Hungarians, the guests. Prime Minister Orban had cancelled his visit to the match. A nice achievement of the left and LGBT. Therefore, incitement to hatred, and that at a sports event, otherwise it is their constant at all events in Slovenia! In short, the ideology of LGBT, politics came to the stadium through the side door and also showed other movements of the world how to do it. Tomorrow, red flags of communism, Nazi flags, flags of Antifa, Palestinian flags, flags of Hezbollah and other jihadists, green flags of Islam will flutter in the stadiums. Or a fan or an airplane (drone) will project a light sign or slogan on the pitch, the tribune, the screen. So after a long time, I watched a football match, angry that politics and ideology were interfering in sports and in all parts of life. I cheered for Hungary, small, persecuted, as if I were loudly cheering for the black sprinter Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and I would also cheer for a gay athlete today if he were embarrassed or unsportsmanlikely abused for ideology, politics.

The Hungarians ran out of a good 6 minutes to eliminate the German eleven. But they showed heart, courage, determination, played a 2:2 draw in Munich in front of 14,000 viewers and let us Slovenes know that we, small, different, defiant, better than the big ones, must be united! Well done, Hungarians!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and traveller.

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