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Marijuana For The Young, Euthanasia For The Helpless

In Golob’s notebook, in which he records all of the “achievements” of the government he leads, not much is actually written. Since the government is not a blank slate, it could, however, contain a list of promises, threats to political opponents and ideological projects.

His programme could be summarised in a nutshell as “Marijuana for the young instead of housing,” or “Euthanasia for the elderly and sick instead of healthcare.”

At the recent “Freedom Festival” – a celebration of his party the Freedom Movement (Gibanje Svoboda), Robert Golob himself admitted that his government is not very successful. Is he in denial? Decide for yourself: “When I listen to the media, they still manage to convince me that we haven’t really done much in these two years. And then I pick up my notebook and look at what was set out and what was done. And I have to say that I am immensely proud of what we have all managed to do together in these two years.”

Replace disappointment with deceit

Unfulfilled promises, conflicts with key social groups, threats against political opponents, and corruption have led to an extraordinary decline in the popularity of the government as well as of the parties that make it up. According to the latest opinion poll, the government is currently supported by only 29.4 percent of the electorate.

These are extremely poor prospects, especially ahead of the European elections that have led the government to embark on a particular manoeuvre: they want to overcome their disappointment with ideologically loaded and otherwise controversial projects, which they want to feed into the European elections in the form of referendum questions.

They are trying to trick young voters and get them to the polls by promising to legalise cannabis.

Of the 30 thousand promised, not even 3 thousand housing units will be built

Perhaps this will make it easier for them to forget that they will never see the promised 30,000 homes – they won’t even see 3,000 of them. Thanks to the government of Robert Golob, no housing has been built so far, and it is very unlikely that any will be built any time soon.

In a similar way, Golob wants to convince the older population. Not by building new retirement homes, even less by finally reviving long-term care – but by offering them euthanasia. Will the electorate still fall for all of this?

Ž. K.

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