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Dozens Of Children And Hundreds Of Participants At This Year’s March For Life

“Where there is life, there is happiness; where there is life, there is hope,” said Urška Soares Cankar, Chairwoman of the March for Life initiative, at this year’s March for Life in Maribor.

On Saturday, Maribor’s Castle Square was bursting with life, happiness and hope, as it was filled with families and children. Their mission is to protect the littlest ones, because, according to our Constitution, every child, regardless of their size and age, has the right to life. The youngest among us must therefore be protected, and mothers and fathers in need must be helped.

Marches for Life take place in 50 countries around the world, and the first of its kind happened in Slovenia in 2014, and the second happened last year in Ljubljana, when 5,000 people took part. This year’s event was held in Maribor and Aleksander Rant, journalist and editor of Nova24TV, was there to follow the event.

The road to forgiveness is long

Young people were at the forefront of this year’s March for Life, sending a message that they, too, are aware of the growing culture of death that is corroding our society. A group of young people led the march, carrying a banner that read “Life Rules.” Danica Centrih spoke about her experience of abortion in Castle Square. After the abortion, she felt a great emptiness and restlessness. “I ended up in a psychiatric hospital, wracked by guilt. It was only after 13 years that I received God’s grace of forgiveness, but it took another 12 years to forgive myself.” When speaking of her Veronika, she said that today, she might be going to college, she might be a doctor saving lives, or she might be a happy mummy. “But I know she loves me because she has forgiven me. And I know that one day I will meet her when I walk this earthly path.”

Doctor Marta Globočnik Kukovica said: “If even we, who are older, cling to life, how hard must the young unborn beings long for it.”

Aleš Primc also took part in the March for Life with the message that it was a wonderful march and that the streets of Maribor were filled with the joy of life. “Five hundred wonderful participants of all generations!!!”


 Andrej Žitnik

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