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The Social Democrats Want To Abolish The Day Of Remembrance Of Its Victims!

“Well done, the government of Janez Janša! It is right, and it is necessary to have such a day in Slovenia. Of course, you proud successors want to cancel it, because you want to keep pretending that your ancestors did not kill 941 Slovenian civilians already by the spring of 1942, when there were no Home Guards or village guards anywhere. You want to pretend that there were no victims of revolutionary communist violence because you/they hid them in chasms and mine shafts, where, if you had your way, they would have stayed. You. Should. Be. Ashamed of yourselves!” commentator Žiga Turk was critical.

The pious worshippers of the criminal Boris Kidrič are not only incapable of condemning communism, but even defend its (memorial) remains. This time, they came up with the idea of abolishing the “National Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Communist Violence”, of course, on the pretext that they, as a party, “condemn the inter-war violence and post-war killings.” So, a person who still worships the memory of the Balkan blood-thirsty dictator Josip Broz – Tito, wears T-shirts with revolutionary butchers on them (Che Guevara) or red stars, is to be believed?!

After all, even they themselves claim to be the “proud successors” of the evildoers. In reality, the problem for them is that the holiday was introduced by the government of Janez Janša and that their ancestors are the perpetrators of these crimes. They try to mask the atrocities committed by their predecessors and the fact that most of the murdered victims still have no graves, with current problems that they are not solving anyway (the rising prices, inflation, etc.). The key point is that the trauma must be resolved if we are to move forward as a nation… The words of the Social Democrats party (Socialni demokrati – SD) are reminiscent of persuading a victim who was abused in childhood to concentrate on her current family commitments, job and hobbies rather than to come to terms with her traumatic experiences.

Recently, they published the following text: “On this day last year, the government of Janez Janša, which was concluding its mandate, adopted a decree on the declaration of a ‘National Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Communist Violence.’ Just to be clear: the Social Democrats condemn the inter-war violence and post-war massacres.
However, the decree, which was adopted by the government, which was defeated in the elections, at one of its last sessions, expresses their revanchism above all and in no way contributes to healing the division among people. This is an example of an ideological fight aimed at the past, instead of all of us, as a future, facing the challenges of the present and the future.
Today, we are facing different challenges. Striving for peace in Ukraine, fighting inflation and the rising prices, as well as the need to strengthen public systems, and not our historical ideological divisions. That is why we believe that last year’s decree of the Janša government needs to be revoked.”

Condemning the crimes and recognising that the victims deserve a grave would help to bridge the divide, but for something like that, people need to humble themselves first. Pushing memories into the national unconscious does not help resolve traumas, as the “proud heirs of the League of Communists of Slovenia” seem to believe. A thorough “therapy” is in order for that kind of thinking… The worship of everything related to communism is something that the whole government tends to do. The flagship of the current coalition remains the National Liberation Movement. And then there is the pilgrimage to Čebine, and the return of the statue of dictator Tito to Brdo …

Domen Mezeg

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