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Zorčič in “Good” Company With Čeferin, Who Found the New Face for the Left-Wing Pole!

Birds of a feather flock together. This is what we could say about Igor Zorčič, who watched the finals of the youth football championship on Monday with Aleksander Čeferin. However, Čeferin already has a new face for the left-wing political pole at the next elections.

People like Šarec, Bratušek and the other left-wing paradigms will be able to say goodbye. Čeferin found a new face for the leftists. And prior to that, he was in the company of the Speaker of the National Assembly, who recently had to decide whether or not to convene an extraordinary session at the request of the SDS and NSi parties (he decided not to do it).

According to Požareport, a “final” decision was also made in recent days, that Tomaž Vesel would lead the new centre-left party in the upcoming parliamentary elections, which the President of the Court of Audit himself admitted to on the show Tarča (Target) a few weeks ago, on the 20th of May, saying that somebody has to do it.

Aleksander Čeferin has thus achieved his goal – the new political party, which Gregor Golobič’s circle has been working on for quite some time now, will be led by his man – Tomaž Vesel, and so Čeferin actually “defeated” Golobič, who, obviously, had to give up in the end. So, it is not just Golobič who is working from the background of the deep state anymore, but now it is also Čeferin?

Well, of course, Čeferin himself would not go into a political battle. After all, the salary of the Prime Minister is nothing compared to the millions he receives for his role of President of the UEFA.


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