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Milan Brglez Wore a T-Shirt With the Face of a Criminal on It – Which is Common Practice for the Leftists, But Zorčič Never Took Action!

The leftists are upset once again, without even a tiny bit of self-reflection – and the mainstream media are helping them with the uproar. This time, they condemned the action of Aleš Ernecl, editor-in-chief of the National Press Agency, who brought a T-shirt with the face of the Home Guard General Leon Rupnik into the hall of the National Council. Numerous criticisms came from the left, and MEP Milan Brglez was one of the people who criticised the T-shirt. He believes that the Speaker of the National Assembly and President of the National Council should condemn this action. Brglez, however, seems to have forgotten that he himself was happily promoting the revolutionary and criminal Che Guevara by wearing a T-shirt with his face on it. And he is not the only one – representatives of the Levica party (the Left) often parade around the Temple of Democracy with T-shirts that have the faces of criminals, as well as totalitarian symbols on them – that is why an extraordinary session on the Levica party’s political programme seems like a really good idea. Unfortunately, the suggestion was rudely rejected by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Igor Zorčič. 

In recent days, a post published by Aleš Ernecl, editor-in-chief of the National Press Agency, who took a picture in the hall of the National Council with a T-shirt that has the face of Home Guard General Leon Rupnik on it, and added the caption “Leon is back home,” has caused quite a stir in public. The web portal wrote that they are convinced this is a provocation.

The mainstream media are not able to judge the actions of others objectively. Instead, they use their own criteria for their judgements. If a T-shirt like that had been worn by any of the representatives of the left-wing opposition, it would not bother them at all. The opposition was also very critical of Ernecl’s actions, and even the Speaker of the National Assembly, Igor Zorčič, condemned what Ernecl did. “According to the rules, anyone who comes to the National Assembly has to be dressed properly. However, interpretations of this vary. If you ask me, the T-shirt was inappropriate, but I do not know who even let this gentleman into the National Assembly if he was dressed like that,” Zorčič responded to the controversy.

Ernecl visited the president of the SNS party, Zmago Jeliničič, in the National Assembly on Monday. Jelinčič also responded to the controversy in a brief and concise statement: “I think this is just a stupid provocation and a way to get attention. Some do it with Che Guevara and the red star, others with Rupnik on their T-shirts. Both options are stupid.” As is known, Jelinčič has a bust of Josip Broz – Tito in his backyard.

Zorčič’s double standards
With Zorčič, it is becoming increasingly clear that he decides on his actions according to what the opposition is saying while forgetting that he himself did not condemn the left-wing representatives for wearing inappropriate T-shirts. For example, Primož Siter, an MP of the Levica party, wore a T-shirt, which had a cross crossed out, and the inscription “Bad religion” on it, which was an insult to many Christians. The leftists of the National Assembly have not yet condemned his action.

We must also not forget the Levica MP, Miha Kordiš, who wore a mask with the red star printed on it for quite some time, which places us back in the old days of communism – the regime that was responsible for many deaths. Kordiš also never tried to hide the fact that he supports the mass murderer Tito, as he paraded around the National Assembly in a T-shirt with his face on it. The left-wing deputies also wore other T-shirts, including one with the “Superman” logo. At the time, it was the right-wing members of the Assembly who pointed out that inappropriate clothing does not belong in the National Assembly.

SD MEP Milan Brglez also commented on Ernecl’s T-shirt. “I suggest that Igor Zorčič and Alojz Kovšca clearly condemn this provocation and insult to our parliament and people,” Brglez said. An old proverb says judge not, lest ye be judged, and Brglez should first take a look at himself before commenting on others. Let’s think back to one of the SD party events, where Brglez wore a T-shirt with the face of Che Guevara on it – a politician, revolutionary and criminal, responsible for the revolution in Cuba, and the deaths of many innocent people, as he ordered the extrajudicial executions of people. He was also a racist and a homophobe.

Sara Rančigaj

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