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Zgaga is Desperately Inciting a Violent Change of the Constitutional Order: He Wants to Make High Schoolers Part of the Anti-Government Guerrilla Fight!

“It is high time for Slovenian high schoolers to start writing graffiti everywhere, in public and non-public places, that say: LIBERATION FRONT 2.0, and then live in accordance with this, too! The clerical fascism of the corrupt Janez Janša, with the support of the Catholic Church, is trying to deprive them of their personal, professional and any other life,” the socio-political worker Blaž Zgaga incited the high schoolers in his post on Twitter. In the remaining tweets, he even falsely claims that he fears for his own life.

Blaž Zgaga is considered to be one of the largest “exporters” of fake news from Slovenia. The question is, of course, why the journalists of the once reputable media outlets do not bother to check the misinformation they are being served, but hopefully, the reality of the situation will one day be discovered by an independent working group from Brussels.

A quick overview of his Twitter posts tells us that Zgaga is likely suffering from a severe paranoia disorder. A sane person cannot help but get chills when reading the posts, as they show the extent of a lack of contact with reality by a person who pretends to be a journalist.

Zgaga is inciting a violent change of the constitutional order
One such example is a message from the Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy (Pravna mreža za varstvo demokracije), which seems to be another protest organisation. The organisation took the high schoolers who protested for the reopening of schools in early February and were then fined for violating the restriction on gathering under its wing. Zgaga also came to their aid with his striking left-wing activism. Namely, he expects the students to start with guerrilla actions in the style of partisans, and start writing graffiti that say Liberation Front 2.0, and then live in accordance with this, too. So, just like Zgaga’s ideological ancestors, the Yugoslavian intelligence services, and later the Department for People’s Protection (Oddelek za zaščito naroda – OZNA), they should liquidate their political opponents, ignite a civil war, and later introduce a totalitarian communist system. Zgaga’s activism shows the signs of the crime of incitement to violent change of the constitutional order, which is punishable with up to five years in prison.

Sara Kovač

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