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Is this the end of threats going unpunished? The first conviction of a violent person who threatened to kill Prime Minister Janša!

“With the judgement of the District Judge Vlasta Lajlar in the criminal case against the accused Luka Štitić for the criminal offence of threatening, under the first paragraph of Article 135 of the Criminal Code (Kazenski zakonik – KZ-1), following the indictment by the District Court in Celje (…) on the 18th of January  (…), the District Court of Velenje finds the accused guilty of committing the criminal offence he was accused of and sentences him to the proposed prison sentence of two months with probation.” This is the court’s sentence, which will not be given if the accused does not commit a crime during the probation period of 1 (one) year.

This is the first time that the Slovenian judiciary has convicted a perpetrator and found him guilty based on his threats of attacking Prime Minister Janez Janša and his family. This decision, which follows many fights with the judicial windmills, has set a precedent that will hopefully show that the threats which have flared up on social networks and even in the mainstream media in the last year will no longer go unpunished.

Hang Janša on Prešeren Square
On the 3rd of November 2020, Luka Štitić published a threat against Prime Minister Janša on the Facebook page called “The All-Slovenian Uprising of the Nation.” Here is what he wrote: “… Janez should start to tremble when we come in front of his house and start throwing Molotov cocktails through his windows… He will quickly try to ensure that his wife and children will be safe… And then, he will be prepared to listen, but by then, it will already be too late. HANG JANŠA ON PREŠEREN SQUARE.”

The judgement is final.


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