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Will the Devastating Fifth of November Be Repeated On the 27th of April? Anis Ličina in Custody and the Narco Left at the Ready!

New anti-government protests are being organised for the 27th of April 2021, which is also Resistance Day in Slovenia. The riots are an event that is being organised by the Antifa extremists and the narco criminals, who are, among other things, also highly motivated due to the fact that their beloved leader Anis Ličina has recently been locked up by the Austrian law enforcement due to the smuggling of drugs. Even some of the transitional media outlets are either directly or indirectly calling for the people to join the riots. Among them is also the Mladina magazine, which was financed through the overpaid vascular stents – at the expense of the health of all Slovenians.

It seems that the political cyclists have not had enough cycling yet and intend to continue to complain and combine the popular Slovenian sport with political activism. All in all, the whole thing simply confirms the famous words of the murdered politician and crowd favourite, Ivan Kramberger: “And they whey will not rule, I add, then they will protest and call for the death of those who rule but are not from their ranks!” We have seen more than enough protests and even other forms of overthrowing the government of Janez Janša in the last year, and we have also seen more than enough death threats.

The latest one in a long line of threats was recently also published on our web portal – it was sent to Janez Janša’s wife, Urška Bačovnik Janša. She received a letter, which included threats, such as “slaughter,” “beheading,” and the like. Pedalling on hot asphalt instead of enjoying a family trip or picnic does not make sense if there is no higher purpose behind all of it. This time, in addition to the representatives of the left-wing non-governmental organisations from Metelkova and elsewhere, we can also expect to see the individuals who were most affected by the recent imprisonment of the drug lord – Anis Ličina.

Ličina is (or was) the notorious leader of the underground, who was very bothered by the fact that the demand for drugs had decreased during the pandemic. According to the intelligence and security services, it was the very same underground that protested on the fifth of November, when the destructive riots happened, and many protesters even came from the Balkan region. Will we witness a repeat of the riots this time? Let’s remember what happened in November: Antifa members physically assaulted police officers and even kicked one of the officers in the back. Even the police officers on horseback and a journalist, Vladimir Vodušek, were attacked. The hooligans also physically dealt with the unsuspecting photographer Borut Živulovič, who had to be treated at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana due to his serious injuries.

It is also known that several other cameramen and journalists were attacked, including ones from the television station Planet TV. The hooligans threw pyrotechnics, granite block and other objects and people and buildings around them, leaving destroyed property behind. Even police officers were among the injured. Ličina, who is known for drug trafficking and the smuggling of migrants, was also present at the event, and soon after, the national media outlet RTV even interviewed him. He scandalously called for the RTV journalists to wear a badge with the inscription that reads “RTV” on their clothes somewhere so that they would not be attacked again in new, similar riots. Ličina and the public media outlet were both heavily criticised for this statement. Police officers also tried to reason with the rioters through megaphones, and even the police helicopter flew across the sky.

This time, even some of the old-regime media outlets, such as Mladina, decided to actively invite people to participate in the protests, despite the fact that the weekly would deserve to be protested against, especially due to its controversial funding, which was at the expense of the health of all Slovenians, as they benefited from the overpaid vascular stents. In one of their latest columns, they wrote: “The public is preparing for protests. There has never been so much anger among the Slovenian public, not even in 2013. Yes, abusing a cruel disease for the cultural and political revolution we are living in today is just vile. And that is why we keep saying that the SMC party now has its one last chance.”

“Given the government we have, we can really be worried about the protests ending with violence – from the authorities, of course. The SMC party does not also want to have that on its conscious, now does it?” Of course, the column is not really about concern for the people but about political activism. The author of the article, however, apparently does not even know that the police are adjusting the means of coercion according to the provocations and violence of the rioters. One of the “impartial” dailies summed up the following: “Thus, for the 27th of April, which is Resistance day in Slovenia, they are announcing ‘a mass protest of all parts of civil society and many activist organisations, against the government tyranny of Janez Janša, the modern occupier who is destroying the foundations of the democracy and freedom in Slovenia’.”

The public is preparing for protests. There has never been so much anger among the Slovenian public, not even in 2013. Yes, abusing a cruel disease for political purposes, for the cultural and political revolution we are living in today, really is vile.

Domen Mezeg

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