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Will Anyone Condemn the Threats Against Journalist Požar? The Radical Leftist Stariha Wants to Settle the Score With Him “Without Mercy!”

Threats and verbal attacks on journalist Bojan Požar continue. However, the left-wing media are paying no attention to this.

Taxi drivers and the like have really gone crazy. The threats against journalist Bojan Požar continue, and the journalist has “dedicated” his third article to the taxi drivers and their machinations related to the upcoming arrival of their competitor Uber.

By the way – Ivan Gale personally supported the compromised Dejan Jefim on Facebook and launched a new campaign of slander and threats against journalist Bojan Požar because he is – so they say – a piece of shit, who should be dealt with mercilessly.

In addition to Gale, Janez Stariha also shared a piece of his mind with his unbalanced outbursts. He wrote the following on Facebook: “Požar is nothing but an opportunistic weasel. He should be dealt with mercilessly.” Let’s hope that the police take action against these “taxi drivers” – before it is too late!


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