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This Is the Teacher Who Is Also an Organiser of the Protests! She Opposes Vaccination, Testing, and Believes That “History Is Written by Victors!”

Bojana Pustinek Miočić is a teacher of history and sociology at the elementary school Ljubno ob Savinji. She is also a promoter and sometimes even the organiser of the vile protests against the wearing of masks, against vaccination, and against the testing of children. Her Facebook profile also reveals that she is very much against the quiz on Slovenia’s independence and believes that history is written by the victors, which is a scandalous position for a teacher who should swear by scientific findings. And above all, it is scandalous that teachers with such extreme views can teach children.

Bojana Pustinek Miočić, a teacher at an elementary school in the Savinjska Valley and an active member of the civil Initiative “Otrok ne damo” (which roughly translates to “We will never let you get to the children”) and the group “Delavci v VIZ proti prisili” (Employees in the Education Sector Against Coercion), believes that measures related to school, like most measures that have been adopted in Slovenia, are adopted too quickly and are therefore reckless and unprofessional. Above all, she feels compelled to raise awareness about how, in her opinion, the use of masks in school is inappropriate, ineffective and dangerous for the children’s health. So, she is another one of the teachers who “do not believe” in masks, and she obviously thinks it makes more sense for the virus to be able to spread freely in the classroom, so the children can then pass it on to their families. “Based on the very feeling I have when I wear a mask, it is obvious that it is an invention that restricts and complicates our breathing. To properly breathe with your lungs means to inhale and exhale. Our doubts are also based on existing reports related to the wearing of masks,” she explained. She, of course, also likes to quote the unsuccessful candidate for the position of Constitutional Court judge, Andraž Teršek and sympathises with doctors Matjaž Figelj, who, according to the Medical Chamber, violated the medical code of ethics with his posts about the epidemic that were published on social networks and in the media. We can also add the president of the Association of Principals, Gregor Pečan, to this group, who is currently spreading his scepticism related to the self-testing of schoolchildren and students. Namely, schools just reopened on Monday, and the employees in the education sector only see a mountain of problems once again, instead of trying to find some solutions instead.

However, the teacher does not only find the masks problematic but also believes that the quiz, prepared by Nova24TV in cooperation with the school section of the Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence (Združenje za vrednote slovenske osamosvojitve) and MEP Milan Zver, Ph.D., is problematic. The competition that focuses on the history of the formation of the Slovenian state will be prepared for secondary school students and primary school students who are in the final two grades, and all participants will receive the Domoljub (patriot) recognition award, and the best team will also be awarded with appealing cash prizes and a trip to Brussels. The aim of the competition is to raise children’s awareness of the importance of the creation of the Slovenian state, European values and democracy in Slovenia. The questions in the quiz will be answered with the help of history textbooks for primary and secondary schools, and the White Paper of Slovenian Independence, along with everything else that you can find here, will also be used as study material. However, since the only “real” truth in Slovenia is the left-wing truth, the quiz in question expectedly caused a wave of leftist indignation. According to the leftists, it is an “obvious indoctrination of children in its lowest possible form, and at the same time, an attack on independent education with a falsified history which is to the liking of the SDS party.” However, there is nothing wrong with the silenced history of the proud successors of the Communist party, of course.

Sara Kovač

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