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While Slovenia Celebrates 30 Years of Independence From the Red Star, the Left Is Preparing a Grotesque Celebration in Its Support

The concert I will wear a red star, prepared by Svetlana Makarovič and many guests, was held on Congress Square on Sunday. The organisers chose the 4th of July for the concert because, in the former common state of Yugoslavia, it was the day of celebrating the fighters. The central message of the event was once again that “the red star is a moral, not a political symbol.” So, does the degenerate left-wing believe it was moral that about 100 million people were killed in the name of the red star? Was it moral that socialist regimes pushed many world countries into poverty? The moral compass of the transitional left is clearly broken, and the celebration was just another manifestation of the protest against the current government.

Slovenia recently celebrated its 30th birthday, remembering the time when we struggled to get out of the Yugoslav cauldron and the socialist regime, while Slovenian soldiers and police officers were still fighting the Yugoslav People’s Army, thus defending the thousand-year-old dream of a free state. The transitional left, the one for which an independent Slovenia has never been the preferred option, even though they always lived well at its expense and at the expense of the hard work of Slovenians, once again prepared the celebration called, I will wear a red star (Nosil bom rdečo zvezdo) at the heart of Ljubljana, as a mockery of all those who fought for our freedom.

The host of the evening, Svetlana Makarovič, told the Slovenian Press Agency before the event that she would weave “many things that concern us as people and society at the moment” into her speech. She added that she believes that this year’s concert will be “an even clearer protest against the Nazi-fascist terror which is being carried out by the government of Janez Janša.” As part of this terror, which is “impossible to describe in its entirety,” Makarovič mentioned the attempt to destroy the Slovenian Press Agency and the attempt to destroy and appropriate water resources.

RTV journalist Šurc also wears a red star
As Svetlana Makarovič decided, it is time to “communicate using art – with songs, with music, lyrics, and books – as we did with the new book that I created with Matej Šurc, who also wears the red star.” Makarovič said she wishes that the already traditional concert would be preserved even after she is gone. Before the event, Makarovič also announced that during the concert, eight flag-bearers of the Association of the National Liberation Movement of Slovenia, who were not allowed to participate in the national celebration of Statehood Day, and the Pakistani Choir, would also take the stage at Congress Square, so that the square will once again be filled with partisan songs.

Crème de la crème of the left wing’s artists
In addition to Svetlana Makarovič, the event, which is co-organised by the Ljubljana Festival also featured Ovce in Kraški ovčarji, Lara Jankovič, Jani Kovačič, Drago Mislej – Mef, Vlado Poredoš, Primož Siter, Joži Šalej, Nino De Gleria, Blaž Celarc, Jelena Ždrale, Janja Majzelj, Ivan Peternelj, Maša Kagao, Miha Bezeljak, Višnja Fičur, Nina Valič and Aphra Tesla.

Sara Kovač

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