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This Is Betrayal: These Are the Strategic Companies That Fill Clean Drinking Water, Which Have Been Privatised by the Left-Wing Governments

Tomaž Štih – nicknamed Libertarec (Libertarian) – shared an interesting piece of information on Twitter, about the left-wing parties’ fight; the SD party in particular, regarding the privatisation of water: they were part of the government coalitions that sold the companies Fructal, Radenska, Pivovarna Laško, Pivovarna Union and Costella.

As part of the referendum campaign on the amendment to the Water Act, we have been hearing many claims from the left about how the new law will irreparably affect clean drinking water, and they even created a video with Vid Valič, in which they are trying to scare people with absurd scenarios, only to get them to vote against the amendment at the referendum.

However, Tomaž Štih, who goes under the nickname Libertarec on Twitter, pointed out another important fact. The left-wing governments, specifically Pahor’s and Cerar’s, have sold at least four formerly Slovenian strategic companies, that have the concession to fill and sell clean drinking water, to foreigners.

The SD party participated in the privatisation of water companies
Namely, these companies are: Fructal, Radenska, Costella and the breweries Laško and Union. All of these companies are now owned by foreigners, who therefore have the exclusive right to fill clean drinking water in Slovenia. By selling the companies, they did not only sell the companies themselves, but also the right to use the natural resources that the left is now fighting for in a referendum. What is also interesting about this is that the right to clean drinking water was written into the constitution during the time of Cerar’s government.

Sara Kovač

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