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(VIDEO) Such is the culture of protesters in front of the parliament: “Janez Janša is an ugly animal!”

The coalition withdrew the proposed amendment to the Infectious Diseases Act in the National Assembly. Several opponents of vaccination and the Covid-19 virus gathered in front of the National Assembly and spread their propaganda. One of the protesters shouted at the Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister Matej Tonin. “Janez Janša, you are a timid ass without balls. You do not dare to go out among people. All you dare is to stand in front of journalists so that they write nicely about you,” said the anti-covid protester.

Between 200 and 300 protesters gathered in front of the National Assembly, for whom the current epidemic is a myth and a fabrication of a new global world order. A few days ago, the same group of people attacked several MPs of different political options because of the vote on the Infectious Diseases Act.

Nothing was different today, when the Prime Minister Janez Janša and the Minister of Defence, Deputy Prime Minister Matej Tonin, were the most insulted on social networks. One of the protesters poured all her anger on Janša and Tonin. She told Janša that he is a disgusting animal and that he should tell them why he is killing them. She further suggested to him that he was exposed and that she was ashamed if anyone considered him a liberator.

For the anti-covid protester Janša is an ass without balls and a bribed fascist, Nazi and genocidist

She further accused Janša of holding a press conference in Brdo pri Kranju together with other government representatives. She also told Janša that he is a timid ass without balls. She told Tonin that he plays with real tanks and soldiers and is responsible for every death and that these are not lead soldiers and sandbox toys.

In a very loud tone, she thus concluded that these were hypocrites and mammals and concluded that the current government only represents bribed quislings, fascists, and that they are genocidists! The worst health crisis in the modern era has proven to be a boomerang caused by the boom of social media. In today’s age, an individual quickly forms an opinion and finds one piece of information on the World Wide Web that confirms his theory. The same thing is happening now, so it is completely irrelevant to deal with those who do not believe information about corona virus versions. Because it is really just a Don Quixote’ fight with windmills where there are no winners.

As we have already described, the coalition postponed the vote on the Infectious Diseases Act, which was requested by the Constitutional Court. The new victory was again followed by the left part of the opposition, because the law on infectious diseases was not voted on today. SD MP Matjaž Nemec was the first to respond and share the “new victory” on Twitter. SDS MP Tomaž Lisec quickly replied and asked him who threatened to put pressure on DeSUS MPs and hinted that Nemec himself had taken part in the pressure. Nothing, just another varied political day in Slovenia.

Luka Perš

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