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Two Moroccan Men Sexually Assaulted A Woman In The Middle Of Ljubljana!

On Wednesday, a migrant from Morocco attempted to rape a woman in Ljubljana, and another Moroccan helped him do it, the police confirmed when I checked with them about the unofficial information I had received about another migrant rape in Ljubljana. The police have long ago stopped reporting rapes to the public, nor, as a rule, do they report crimes committed by migrants.

They do, however, answer questions if we journalists find out unofficially about what is going on. Two weeks ago, it was confirmed to me in a similar fashion that four migrants had raped a young woman near the railway station in Ljubljana.

The information about the rape on Wednesday and the fact that the suspects have been arrested was confirmed by the police as follows:

“Today, shortly after 7 a.m., we were informed of a suspected attempt of a sexual offence, where a woman was being held on the ground by an unknown person in the Tabor area of Ljubljana, and the suspect then fled the scene in the company of another person. Several patrols were deployed to the scene and police officers immediately started intensive information gathering on all the circumstances of the incident, as well as initiated activities to arrest the suspect. On the basis of the description given, a 26-year-old Moroccan national was arrested in the vicinity and arrested on suspicion of committing a sexual offence. A 23-year-old Moroccan national was also arrested on suspicion of having assisted in the offence. No further details of the offence can be shared with the public, in order to prevent re-victimisation of the victim and in the interest of the investigation, which is still intensively ongoing. The competent public prosecutor’s office will be informed of all the circumstances and findings.”

Peter Jančič, Spletni časopis

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