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The Worst Kind of Desecration: Revolutionary Symbols on the Memorial Plaques of the Victims of Interwar and Post-War Violence!

Another vile act. An unknown perpetrator desecrated a large number of memorial plaques in Ljubljana’s Žale Cemetery. On the plaques located next to the Church of All Saints, the appalled visitors noticed the “creative work” of some “cultural worker” or “artist,” who signed his work of art with “OF,” which is the abbreviation for the Liberation Front of the Slovenian Nation (Osvobodilna fronta). Perhaps the perpetrator simply wanted to communicate who was responsible for the deaths of many Slovenians from that period. Visitors reported the case to the police.

The left-wing political pole’s favourite holiday period is approaching – based on the falsification of history, the 27th of April is celebrated as the Day of Uprising against the Occupier (previously known as the Liberation Front Day). The celebration of it, just like the very beginning of the existence of this organisation, obviously involves hatred, anger, and disrespect, as they vilely desecrated the monument to those who fell during and after the war because of the civil war.

They drew a sign of the Liberation Front on the monument and drew a star on the inscription that reads, “Listen, Slovenian Israel, from now on you are also the chosen nation, redeemed at the cost of your blood.” The beginnings of the Liberation Front were based on violence and the murders of innocent prominent Slovenians.

“On the night of the 17th of April, 1951, the Liberation Front was not established in Ljubljana, which is a lie that the leftists continue to spread. In fact, the Anti-Imperialist Front for the fights against England, France and America was established,” said MP Branko Grims, who strongly opposes the falsification of history. According to him, a communist front was formed that day, which would then go on to cooperate with the fascist and Nazis in the fight against the democratic world, and the Nazis learned their cruelty in Stalin’s camps, who perfected his criminal methods in the gulags.

The churchgoers who were the first to notice the uncultured desecration on Sunday informed the police of the act and said that the incredible anger and hatred that this perpetrator carries within himself are clear from his actions.

Anita Gužvič

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