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Now It’s Official: Leader of the Anti-Government Protests Anis Ličina Arrested in Austria for Drug Trafficking!

“Unofficial: police in Austria have arrested a well-known Friday protester, Anis Ličina, and his father for drug trafficking!” a journalist from our media house, Luka Svetina, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning. Since then, the Austrian police have confirmed to the media outlet Siol that Anis Ličina had indeed been arrested at the Karavanke border crossing on Sunday evening at 7.35 p.m. for drug trafficking. He was transferred to a prison in Klagenfurt on Monday. The criminal Ličina enjoyed the explicit support of the two largest Slovenian television stations, and at the height of the epidemic, he shamelessly and with no consequence called for riots that contributed to the spread of the epidemic. The Austrian police did not share any additional details regarding the arrest due to the protection of personal data.

Yes, you read that right; this is the Anis Ličina, who has previously already been arrested in Slovenia for his illegal business – he dealt with drug trafficking and was also accused of smuggling migrants across the border, but absolutely nothing happened to him after the arrests. He even led the first-class citizens’ riots and spoke into a microphone of the public RTV without a mask – the very media outlet which is richly financed by all taxpayers. But this time, it seems that things did not go as he planned. As we managed to find out, he was caught by the Austrian law enforcement authorities. It would be interesting to hear what the largest commercial television in Slovenia, POP TV, and the public RTV think about this, as both media outlets provided a platform for him and broadcast his outbursts.

The latter of the two even called him a humanist and cultural avant-garde. So, are they also part of the same criminal first-class society, which can bend the rules f of the law, the state, the government and the experts before the eyes of the entire Slovenian public, and still nothing happens to them? It seems that in the “banana republic” on the sunny side of the Alps, the right to criminal activity is also part of human rights. And we cannot avoid the question of whether the Fužine street comedian Zlatan Čordić – Zlatko is also part of this same gang. On his escapades in front of the building of the National Assembly, he was supported by none other than Ličina.

Ličina recently also called names and rudely insulted the police officers, calling them “fools” and screaming about how Ljubljana is “his city” and that the “police officers should go back to their villages.” He also publicly insulted Davorin Kopše: “Old SDS pig, I hope the virus gets you, you piece of shit, so you will no longer be able to vote as you will be in your grave, you shit.” What is interesting is also that he sought to establish a new political party. Most scandalous, however, was his response to the statement regarding the riots. He said that the RTV journalists should wear a vest or a sign with the word “RTV” on it, and then they would not be attacked by the protesters. He made this vile statement on the show Tednik on the public RTV, after the violent Thursday riots, where the protesters severely beat several people, including the photographer Borut Živulovič.

Domen Mezeg

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