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The union leader cannot explain why she is against the increase of net wages

The amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, introduced by the government in the parliamentary procedure, will in the future help to reduce the tax burden on gross wages, which means that the differences between gross and net wages will be reduced. This also means that the burden on employers will be lower and they will be able to pay employees real higher wages.

However, it is known that most of the trade unions do not like this novelty at all, who have already mined legal solutions that would make life easier for the citizens of Slovenia through their political branches in the National Assembly. On the contrary: with the excuse that these legal changes are not harmonised with the social partners, they have already “sunk” some such legal amendments. It seems that they will try something similar in this case as well, as it would be difficult to bear the fact that the Janša government would take the credit for relieving the salaries.

After all, even the president of the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, Lidija Jerkič, admitted that the unions do not have any good reason to oppose these solutions. Namely, on May 10th this year, on the show Studio at 5 pm on national radio, she said the following: “In any way, I am thinking about how to explain why we are not very enthusiastic about such a change, which brings a higher net income, I DON NOT KNOW.” The same is true for all four KUL parties, as they also oppose it, but do not yet know why.

Sara Kovač

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