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Another Protest Happened on Wednesday: Where There Is the Red Star, There Is Chaos

Despite record numbers of newly infected people, protests still took place in several cities in Slovenia on Wednesday. As usual, the worshippers of totalitarian symbols were among them this week as well. Certain media outlets are trying really hard to sell the story that the people at the protests are politically undecided, but the red star is proof, time and time again, that the protesters are very much ideologically decided. The president of the (the Truth) party announced that Wednesday’s protest would be the protest of all protests, and the city councillor Stariha threatened the police officers that they better not disband the rally this time.

As usual, the police were aware of the rallies beforehand but also warned that, as per usual, the rallies were not reported. For the participants of the rallies, this meant that the organiser did not ensure that safety measures were taken care of. As we have already reported, some people even threatened the police with lawsuits and imprisonment if they tried to disband the rally again.

If a rally is not registered, it is the police who have to take care of public order, and by calling on and guiding the participants of the rally, they prevent the endangerment of people and property, maintain public order and peace, and ensure the safety of road traffic. Before the protest, police officers once again called on all potential participants in the announced rallies to exercise their right to public assembly and expressing of views in a calm and patient manner and, above all, to follow the instructions and orders of police officers. The police constantly monitored the events at the premises where the public rallies took place and adapted the measures according to security situations and risks. They also warned that they will take all necessary measures in the event of criminal offences or misdemeanours, in accordance with their powers. Gathering areas were also video-monitored, and as always, the participants were not allowed to bring dangerous objects to the gatherings. The police also advised all participants to not come to the rally with their children.

In the events of serious and mass violations of public order, police officers must take action, in extreme cases even by dissolving the rally. In such cases, the participants must leave the area of the gathering, as this is the only way to ensure the safe execution of the task and also ensure the safety of all participants.

Do not obstruct traffic!
The police also called on all participants to not obstruct traffic. Roads are often used by ambulances and other rescue teams, which means that obstruction of traffic could actually endanger people’s lives. In the event of the detection of criminal acts,  attacks on police officers, endangerment of the lives of people and property, the police also called on all participants in the rallies to report these actions and the perpetrators to the police.

Sara Kovač

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