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The Prime Minister’s Office Confirms: Tina Gaber Advises The Government On The Use Of Social Media

Amid the many scandals that have been linked to the government of Robert Golob, it has now been confirmed that the Prime Minister is actively involving his extra-marital partner, Tina Gaber, in the work of the government.

Tina Gaber is an old friend of the Slovenian media. She is the former Miss Hawaiian Tropic, cryptocurrency promoter, model, lobbyist, animal rights activist and now apparently a PR consultant as well. Namely, the Prime Minister’s Office recently confirmed that Robert Golob sees her in this role.

According to them, Tina Gaber was present at a meeting convened by the Prime Minister in mid-February on strategic communication. The intention of the meeting was to exchange views on the government’s public communication, with a focus on social media. The newspaper Večer reports that, in addition to Tina Gaber, the meeting was also attended by the social media adviser from the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda) parliamentary group, the Minister of Health, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, the Minister of Finance, Klemen Boštjančič, and the Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy, Bojan Kumer.

When asked by the newspaper Večer in what capacity Tina Gaber attended the meeting, the answer was “as a social media expert.”

Tina Gaber’s new role also seems to explain why she has been using the government car park. Namely, we recently published a clip showing her using the car park that is only supposed to be used by government representatives and employees, which is available here: and the article is available in English here:

At one point, the online influencer also interviewed the Prime Minister, her partner, which brough about many outraged and mocking reactions on social media.

He is leading the government into bizarre measures

As mentioned above, Tina Gaber first appeared in this government as an environmentalist. She was one of those who publicly opposed the cull of nutria from the Ljubljana Marshes, and her name also appeared in the affair of the cattle confiscation from the Možgan family. Namely, she was one of the recipients of the e-mail that resulted in the controversial confiscation.

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