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The Government Will Not Attend The Holy Mass For The Homeland

Whether someone believes in God or not is their personal decision. However, the decision to skip the Holy Mass for the Homeland by those in power, while at the same time worshipping the remnants of international socialism, shows a rejection of the Christian tradition, which is one of the pillars of Western civilisation. Worse still, the Holy Mass for the Homeland has a patriotic note, which is also indicative of the current authorities’ attitude towards the values of independence, since the event is a commemoration of Statehood Day …

After the Čebinje celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Slovenia, the return of the statue of dictator Tito to the Brdo grounds, the abolition of the Museum of Slovenian Independence, and other similar events, this year’s planned non-attendance of the national summit at the Holy Mass for the Homeland is yet another worrying sign of where the moral compass of the ruling establishment is taking us. Whether one is religious or not is one’s own private affair. But the decision to not attend a traditional event honouring our state rings a double alarm.

What they are doing with this, first and foremost, is neglecting the importance of the Judeo-Christian tradition, which, alongside the Antique tradition, is one of the two key pillars of the civilisation to which we belong. And secondly, which is perhaps even more worrying – they are showing a disdain for the homeland as such. The Holy Mass for the Homeland has a strong patriotic, statesmanlike and diplomatic note.

The case, with the simultaneous revival of Yugonostalgia, the glorification of Balkan savages, the denial of the right to burial, the denial of the memory of the murdered, and the inclination towards the values of international socialism, is taking on a disturbing appearance. The religious event is, in fact, of a devotional nature; it is intended to celebrate Slovenian statehood …

The situation confirms the evil premonition of the anti-Slovenian attitude of the rulers … The Holy Mass for the Homeland will be celebrated on Wednesday in the Cathedral Church in Ljubljana, and it will be led by the Slovenian bishops. In the past, it has been attended by representatives of governments as well as by the former President of the Republic, Borut Pahor. A very similar event is held and attended by the authorities every year in neighbouring Austria and Croatia.

Domen Mezeg

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