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[Public Opinion Poll] The Freedom Movement And NSi Losing Support, SDS and SD On The Rise

The latest public opinion poll conducted by the Parsifal Agency has recorded a drop in support for the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda) and the New Slovenia party (Nova Slovenija – NSi). Meanwhile, the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS) and the Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati – SD) are gaining support.

If the elections were held this Sunday, the Freedom Movement party would get 21,5 percent of the vote. It would be followed by the SDS party with 20 percent of the vote, the SD party with 8.8 percent, the Left party (Levica) with 6.4 percent, and the NSi party with 5.9 percent. If only the voters who already know who they would vote for were taken into account, the Freedom Movement party would get 33.2 percent of the vote, the SDS party 31 percent, the SD party 13.6 percent, the Left party 10 percent, and the NSi party 9.1 percent. Rupar‘s Voice of Pensioners movement (Glas upokojencev) also recorded a drop and would not have crossed the parliamentary threshold this time.

The Freedom Movement party has been experiencing a marked negative trend since June 2022, when it peaked at 43.26 percent of support. Since then, all but one of Parsifal’s measurements (namely, the one in March 2023) have recorded a consistent decline in support.

Meanwhile, the SDS party has seen stable support, peaking in October 2022 under the current government, followed by a slight drop in support and now a resurgence.

Support is also growing for the Social Democrats, while the growth in support for the extreme Left party has moderated.

Support for the NSi party is falling

There is another clear trend, namely the decline in support for the NSi party. During the current government’s term, according to Parsifal’s measurements, it reached a peak in terms of support in October 2022, just like the SDS party, and then began its decline, recorded in three consecutive opinion polls. The party currently has 9.1 percent support among voters who already know who they would vote for.

Negative support for the government

Since the last public opinion poll, support for the government has improved slightly, but it is still in “negative figures”. Namely, 47.2 percent of respondents do not support it, while 44.5 percent support it.

The survey was conducted between the 5th and 8th of June, 2023. It included 725 adult respondents, all residents of the Republic of Slovenia. The survey was commissioned by Nova24TV.

Gal Kovač

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