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POP TV’s misleading reports about vaccination coverage: Slovenia is among the most successful countries in the EU; however, they portrayed us as the biggest “losers!”

Compared to the European average, Slovenia is doing very well in terms of vaccination coverage, as our country has a higher number of vaccinated people than the EU average. However, it is certainly not in the interest of the mainstream media to report on the improvement of the situation regarding vaccination. POP TV presented Slovenia as a country where vaccination coverage is very low, compared to the world average.

The European Union decided to pursue a common strategy when it comes to the procurement of the vaccine. So far, the European Medicines Agency has approved three vaccines.

Slovenia received its first shipment of the vaccine at the same time as the other countries in Europe, shortly before the new year. The state quickly got organised, and before February, 4.68 percent of the population had already been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine, while 2.06 percent of the population had already been vaccinated with both doses.

On POP TV, they compared the vaccination coverage in Slovenia to the world average. In Israel, for example, as much as 64.3 percent of the population has already been vaccinated, while in the United Kingdom, the share is 18.4 percent. In the US, they have achieved a 12.3 percent vaccination rate, while the average in the European Union is four percent. When it comes to the number of vaccinated people, Slovenia is slightly above the European Union average, and in this case, the reason that the vaccination rate is so low is definitely not Slovenia, but the entire European Union.

The official data shows that the countries with the highest number of people who have received one dose of the vaccine so far, are Malta and Denmark, while Slovenia is in an excellent third place. However, when it comes to the number of people who have already received both doses, Slovenia is in second place, which definitely shows that the vaccination in our country has so far been successful.

In the past, the left-wing media have repeatedly deceived the public with their reports of Sweden’s successful model and the reopening of schools abroad
In any case, this is not the first anti-propaganda of Slovenia as a country. We probably all still remember how in the past, some media outlets claimed that Slovenia is one of the very few countries where the schools are still closed. Our media outlet did some research and proved that this was not, in fact, the case. The schools in Italy and Austria were also closed for a long time.

We also probably still remember RTV and Marko Potrč as well, who persistently defended the Swedish model of fighting the epidemic. After a few months of fighting the epidemic, the Swedes have now come to the conclusion that they also need stricter measures, and therefore adopted new measures – some of the children are now also staying at home and are part of distance learning, while the employees will supposedly work from home at least until May.

Sara Rančigaj

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