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Politico Continues with the Extreme-Left Attacks on Our Country and Ignores Official Data!

Apparently, Politico has decided to sink its own boat and continue on with the boat of the far-left side. After the “Lili Bayer affair,” they have now published another article in which they slander the Slovenian government on the basis of fake news from Slovenia.

In the latest article, which was written by William Adkins, Politico refers to a report by the Civil Liberties Union, an organisation working with Soros’s infamous “Open Society,” in order to be able to spit on the Slovenian government and call it dictatorial again. And what is their narrative this time? Some governments have used the pandemic as a shield against media criticism, reducing the freedom of the media, in addition to the measures that are already restricting the citizens’ freedoms.

At about the same time, the Freedom House report also came out. Of course, the Freedom House is more right-wing – libertarian (in the economic sense) inclined. It seems as if this report is talking about some other universe, about some other galaxy, not just about a different country. And yet, it talks about the same thing, about Slovenia. Of course, Politico did not find it worthwhile to mention this report, or at least problematise it, criticise it. They simply kept quiet about it.

Politico’s far-left narrative

In the traditional manner of the far left, Politico writes that in several EU countries, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly “weakened” the rule of law. In their narrative, Politico simply ignored the European Union’s report on civil liberties, which was published on Tuesday. The report of Soros’s subsidiary.

Politico then continues with an argument of authority, writing that the report has been examined by 14 Member States across the EU and includes data provided in 2020 by human rights supervisors and other NGOs. According to Politico, the report found that measures aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus infections were either inadvertently or intentionally used “as an excuse” to weaken the democratic institutions. In order to figure out something like this, you need a clear dividing line between intentional and unintentional, as unintentional means that the measures also had negative effects. Which all measures have. Always. Anywhere. And to use the term “democratic institutions” for the institutions that, among other things, engage in censorship of certain citizens in exchange for the taxpayers’ money – somehow does not seem right.

Show us the scapegoat “Countries like Hungary, Poland or Slovenia, used the pandemic to strengthen their position of power and limit criticism of the government,” Linda Ravo, a senior adviser to the NGO, said in a statement. Well, there we are. Politico’s article is in the service of repeating the same lie until people internalise it. Just Orban and Poland have been used as the scapegoats so far; it is now modern to use Janez Janša and his government for the same thing – much to the delight of the Slovenian fifth column.

The report later states that the attacks on the media and restrictions of public access to information are increasingly visible in “countries with a strong democratic tradition,” such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. So perhaps Politico is just a slightly above-average extreme left-wing agitprop. If they are observing a similar phenomenon everywhere, not only in Slovenia, Hungary and Poland, they could surely prepare some analyses with more than just one variable, which is their own narrative?

Aleš Ernecl

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