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Janez Janša is critical of Veselinovič: It is time for him to answer for this because he fired his sick colleagues and allowed the spread of media lies!

“Ever since @STA_novice has been run by director Veselinović, sick journalists have been fired and lies have been often sold for the truth. It is time for the director, as a political tool of the far left, to step down and be held accountable for his illegal actions. And enable STA a normal work and development,” wrote Prime Minister Janez Janša.

“It is really difficult to understand that the director of @STA_agencija @STA_novice Bojan Veselinovič is lying like that. There is written documentation for everything. If he does business in the same way, then it is clear why he is hiding the documentation…” the director of UKOM, Uroš Urbanija, responded to Veselinović’s lies in the mainstream media. In the show Tednik on Public RTV, Veselinovič said that “they supposedly provided UKOM with information on why one article is longer than another, why they wrote about someone this way and about another differently, and of course they did not respond to that.”

Urbanija refuted the above lies with the statement: “UKOM never asked the director of STA about the above questions, but the director did not answer the questions of how much the ad cost in the newspaper Dnevnik and how many new subscribers STA got because of this ad.” Prime Minister Janez Janša also responded, pointing out that ever since Veselinovič has been leading the STA news, sick employees have been fired and lies have often been sold as the truth. At the same time, he emphasised that Veselinovič, as a political representative of the interests of the extreme left, should resign and be held accountable for his illegal actions. This would allow the agency to function and develop normally.

It is known that Veselinovič fired his terminally ill colleague Borut Mešek because he did not ideologically “dance” as the current director of the STA “conducted”, which is an extremely vile and reprehensible act. In a recent letter addressed to the STA director, the Association of Journalists and Publicists drew attention to the alleged pathological symbiosis between Veselinovič and Dnevnik, reminding them of an anonymous letter stating that the STA director, as a former employee of the media house Dnevnik, did not claim monthly subscriptions for the services provided to them by the agency, which caused STA financial damage.

In 2019, Veselinovič earned as much as 155 pensions or 13 full-year average pensions!!
The association also stated that Veselinovič is harming the STA and endangering its operation. It is also known that he does not want to hand over the necessary business documentation to which Ukom is entitled as a representative of the government, the only STA shareholder. Meanwhile, Veselinovič took the STA and his associates hostage and played a political drama that he could afford because of his biased central media. We have also already reported that in 2019 he earned over 100 thousand euros of taxpayers’ money, which amounts to 155 pensions or almost 13 full-year average pensions, while many Slovenian retirees, despite their hard work in the past, live from month to month.

Domen Mezeg

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