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National Media Journalist Igor E. Bergant called the future Italian Prime Minister a “Post-Fascist”

Professionalism, impartial sharing of information, integrity in presenting what is happening, and objectivity – these are all virtues that should adorn the journalists of the national media outlet. Unfortunately, they cannot be attributed to journalist Igor E. Bergant, who has once again done a “great job” with his reporting that does not befit the status he enjoys. On Monday, the political activist announced on camera to the entire Slovenia that the most likely future Prime Minister of Italy is nothing less than a post-fascist.

“What, if anything, can stop the post-fascist leader Giorgia Meloni from winning,” the “virtuous” activist journalist wondered in front of the cameras, aware of the fact that the Italian politician is a strong opponent of illegal immigration and does not accept the demands of the LGBTQ lobby, and supports the traditional family and society. However, according to the national media outlet Radio-Television Slovenia, we need to fight against such politicians with the enlightened “kampf,” because otherwise, the Slovenian electorate might also realise that they have been made fools of in the last 70-something years by the left.

Political analyst Edvard Kadič has also noted that this is the type of reporting that lowers the standards of RTV Slovenia’s reporting and, at the same time, creates the basis for a foreign policy conflict or at least strained relations with our western neighbour: “Dear Government of the Republic of Slovenia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon, I wish you the best of luck in your talks with the future Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, who has just been labelled by an RTV Slovenia journalist as a post-fascist leader.”

Just another in a series of disgraceful moments
The latest deliberate slip-up is just another in a series of utterly disgraceful moments with which the journalists of Radio-Television Slovenia are trying to win the sympathy of the viewers. First came the protests, then the threats to colleagues who are not on the radical left, then the usurpation of the programme, followed by the drop in journalistic standards, and now characters that viewers have come to know as completely untrustworthy (people such as Eugenija Carl, Vasev, and the like) have already invaded the studio twice. It was later explained that this was a form of protest against the non-specific threats made by an unnamed person. It is a good thing that they clarified this; otherwise, we could have thought that one of the presenters was celebrating a big anniversary, and they all just had to come to blow out a candle.

Andrej Žitnik

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