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More and more support for Logar, while support for Pirc Musar is falling

For the medium of Odlazek’s empire, a surgeon Dr Erik Brecej emphasised that he will certainly not vote for Nataša Pirc Musar in the presidential elections, as he got to know her true face through the threats he felt on his own skin. “I will make a decision based on the integrity of a person, what he has done in his life,” he answered when asked who he would vote for in the elections, adding that the function of the country’s president should be abolished if Pirc Musar is elected to this position. However, the latest Ninamedia opinion poll shows that Pirc Musar would be defeated by Anže Logar – not only in the first, but also in the second round of the presidential elections.

“I will definitely not support Nataša Pirc Musar,” emphasised surgeon Dr Erik Brecelj and at the same time explained that Pirc Musar showed him her true face with the threatening letters she sent him. In her letters, she literally threatened to act against him for pointing out crime and corruption in healthcare. “If she is elected – otherwise I hope it will not happen – she will emphasise how she fights for public healthcare and has zero tolerance for corruption. But she is where it is useful for her to be,” warned Brecelj, who believes that the function of the country’s president should be abolished if she is elected to this position. In addition, he also finds it shameful that Milan Kučan also supported Pirc Musar.

Brecelj also mentioned that Pirc Musar has the best results in opinion polls, but as we know, this cannot always be relied upon. According to political analysts, in the case of Milan Brglez’s candidacy, he would almost certainly overtake Pirc Musar, and according to the latest Voxpopuli poll conducted by Ninamedia for the newspaper Dnevnik and Večer, Anže Logar would receive the most votes in both the first and second rounds of the presidential elections. Brglez was not initially included in the survey, but the survey questionnaire was subsequently changed and included a choice between two possible electoral pairs in a possible second round of elections. Respondents could choose between Logar and Brglez and between Pirc Musar and Brglez. In a duel with Brglez, Logar would receive 51.4 percent of the votes, while Pirc Musar would receive 46.4, reported Siol.

The Voxpopuli survey showed that in this presidential election, which will be held on October 23rd, Anže Logar would receive 34.1 percent of the vote (3.9 percentage points more than a month ago), while Nataša Pirc Musar would receive 31.4 percent (3.9 percentage points more). Ivo Vajgl would receive 5.4 percent, and Vladimir Prebilič 3.5 percent. NSi presidential candidate Janez Cigler Kralj entered the race with two percent of support and managed to get ahead of Gregor Bezenšek (0.3 percent).

Siol notes that the Ljubljana lawyers probably harmed the affair by trying to influence Tomaž Vesel and the entanglement with the messages to the ambassadors. The list of things that could have harmed Pirc Musar is much longer. Dnevnik also assessed that the candidate faces problems with her public image, which also explains that Brglez took over the position and shares of Marta Kos upon his presidential nomination. However, due to the subsequent inclusion in the Ninamedia survey, the number of respondents who decided on Brglez’s candidacy is lower, so it is not yet possible to understand from the aforementioned opinion poll how strong a player he is compared to Pirc Musar. It is interesting, however, that the share of those who do not know who to vote for is increasing – so until October 23rd, the cards can still be very mixed.

Sara Kovač

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