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MEP Romana Tomc on the Recently Adopted Resolution on Slovenia: The Constitutional Arch Coalition’s Attempt Failed Completely!

“Despite all of their efforts, the Resolution on the Rule of Law in Slovenia is the complete opposite of what the authors expected it to be,” MEP Romana Tomc commented on the adoption of the Resolution on the Rule of Law in Slovenia, for the web portal Demokracija (Demokracija).

On Thursday, in Strasbourg, Members of the European Parliament voted on the Resolution on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law in Slovenia. With 356 votes in favour, 284 against, and 40 abstentions, the resolution was adopted. Among the MEPs from Slovenia, the following supported the resolution: Tanja Fajon and Milan Brglez from the ranks of the Socialists (S&D/SD) and Irena Joveva and Klemen Grošelj from the ranks of the Liberals (Renew/LMŠ).

Slovenian MEPs who voted against the resolution are Romana Tomc, Milan Zver and Franc Bogovič from the European People’s Party (EPP), while their party colleague Ljudmila Novak abstained from the vote, according to a document published on the website of the European Parliament.

Despite the efforts of the left-wing opposition, the resolution is the complete opposite of what the authors expected. According to Romana Tomc, two main criticisms of the government were left out, and on the other hand, the discussion offered the chance for a more detailed explanation of the Slovenian reality. “So this was yet another attempt of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition, which are actually the left-wing parties of the current opposition, which has failed completely.” Tomc, a Member of European Parliament from the ranks of the EPP party, voted against the resolution, because it lacks the most important facts and information that would highlight the shortcomings of the rule of law, draw attention to the unbalanced state of the media, and systemic corruption that has been going on since the inception. The second reason why she voted against it is that the resolution is a distorted political pamphlet exported by the Slovenian opposition, with the sole purpose of harming the current government. And last but not least, a vote against the resolution also carries an important message against the European left, which, under the guise of the rule of law, human rights and democracy, is abusing the European Parliament and trying to create a European Union that will forget about its values.

Sara Kovač

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