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Golob’s Government Is Even Replacing Directors Who Achieved Business Results Above Expectations

After their recent meeting, it was confirmed that the Supervisory Board of the Post of Slovenia has dismissed Tomaž Kokot from the position of Director-General of the state-owned company. The reasons for his dismissals are absurd, and all of this was cited in support of the dismissal by the media.

Golob’s government is literally doing everything in its power when it comes to its personnel replacements plan, and for the purpose of the personnel tsunami, they are prepared to offer the public the most absurd reasons for the dismissal of the management of state-owned companies.

It is true, though, that there was not much else left to do for them because in 2021, under Kokot, the Post of Slovenia achieved one of the best business results in recent years. The net profit exceeded the previous year’s by more than 10 million euros. However, the curse of Tomaž Kokot is that he is a member of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), and that is enough for the left to remove the “hostile element,” regardless of the results of the state-owned companies. The cash flow must be diverted into their pockets and also be spent to maintain the parallel mechanism.

You can read what the supervisors wrote in the explanatory memorandum of the dismissal decision below:

In July 2022, a competitor entered the Slovenian parcel delivery market, where the Post of Slovenia d.o.o. has an important position – the competitor in question is the Austrian Post’s delivery service company, which has already surpassed the classic post’s parcel delivery system in the Austrian market. This is a potentially important competitor, given the comparative data on the volume of parcels (the Austrian Post has made over one billion euros in profits in 2021, while the Post of Slovenia’s profits from all activities were over 50 percent lower in the same period).
The Supervisory Board’s assessment is that this competitor, with its financial and human resources, its business strategies and its network of business partners and customers, can make a significant encroachment on the market position of the Post of Slovenia.
The Supervisory Board believes that the facts described above represent a concrete change in the material business circumstances, due to which the Supervisory Board has assessed that the organisation and business model of the company should be changed in a way that will allow the company to keep the existing market share, and in the future, will also help it reach the expected business growth, which is specified in the company’s business strategy.
As a result, the company today needs a manager with exceptional skills in strategic management and crisis process management, otherwise, it will not be able to achieve the objectives set out in the company’s business strategy. The knowledge, skills and abilities of the current Director-General, Tomaž Kokot, were adequate in a stable business environment, but are no longer sufficient in the new business environment, due to the changed circumstances requiring changes in the organisation and business processes.
On the basis of the above-mentioned business and organisational reasons originating in the company’s sphere of activity, the Supervisory Board has decided to recall Tomaž Kokot from the position of Director-General and to appoint a person to that position who will demonstrate all the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities required to realise the company’s strategic objectives in the changed circumstances.”

Sara Kovač

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