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Enormous Pressures on Zorčič: This Is What the Influential People From the Background are Promising Him if He Takes Over DeSUS

A lot is happening in the background ahead of the June congress of the DeSUS party, our sources claim. Less than a month ago, we revealed Igor Zorčič’s secret plan – after being a member of the Zares and SMC parties, he is now planning to rise to the top of the DeSUS party, from where Karl Erjavec shamefully fell for the second time this year. According to our sources, the director from the background in all of this is Zorčič’s former president, the failed first man of the Zares party, Gregor Golobič.

As we have learned, the decision-makers from the background are intensely trying to convince Igor Zorčič to take over the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS), and, of course, they also promised him a prize if he does that.

“They promised him all kinds of thing. Above all, they are promising that he can remain the Speaker of the National Assembly with the support of the DeSUS party,” our source explains, who also revealed the scenario: “He would be proposed by one-third of the delegates at the congress itself. In this case, the opponents Ljubo Jasnič and Gorazd Žmavc would withdraw.”

On Friday, a month will have passed since Zorčič fell silent and did not deny the information that he is going after the pensioners’ party.

Sara Kovač

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