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An International Scandal: The Slovenian Press Agency Chose a Cover Photo of Palestinians Trampling the Israeli Flag! The Israeli Ambassador Responded!

The Slovenian Press Agency has once again caused a scandal that will cause quite a stir and is already resonating in the international public. They published an article entitled “Slovenia welcomes the ceasefire in the Middle East,” with the cover photo of Palestinians in sandals, who are trampling the Israeli flag. Their choice of the photo has already caused a wave of outrage and disapproval.

The Israeli ambassador for Slovenia, Eyal Sela, has also come forward, saying that they had chosen a very bad photo for their article, as the Israeli flag is being trampled in it. This is certainly an extremely inappropriate move on the part of the “independent” Slovenian press Agency (Slovenska tiskovna agencija – hereinafter referred to as the STA), which is destroying Slovenia’s reputation and the relations between the two countries.

The STA, which is collecting donations for its “survival,” has proven once again that it does not deserve the taxpayers’ money. However, some people shared in their responses that they believe that director Veselinovič should resign because of this scandal.

The photo is not chosen appropriately for the title, and it does also not promote the peaceful resolution but further incites and ignites the war. And the STA should continue to be financed from the state budget? The photo was later removed, but the damage had already been done.

Anita Gužvič

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