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Without NGO ships in the Sicily Canal, no illegal immigrants will be disembarked

After the landing of 560 illegal immigrants in Augusta on July 12th by the NGO Ocean Viking, the number of landings in Italy from Libya suddenly dropped to zero, according to the Interior Ministry, apart from the usual Tunisian boats that arrive directly in Lampedusa.

Since the beginning of 2021, NGOs such as SoS Mediterranée, Save the Children and Medicins sans Frontière, which use expensive ships of their own, some of which are financed by the German Evangelical Church and operated by veterans of the former East German communist party Die Linke, have helped to ensure that the number of illegal immigrants landed in Italy tripled compared to 2020 or even eight-fold compared to 2019, when the security decrees issued by the Conte government with Salvini as Minister of the Interior were in force. These “sea taxi drivers” usually operate in disregard of every international rule of the law of the sea, despite the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which has been ratified by more than 200 countries, against the provision

But why this “miracle” of zero landings and zero deaths at sea? It may be a coincidence, but for ten days no NGO ship has drifted off the Libyan coast. The NGO fleet present in the Mediterranean has been on vacation: the two Norwegian ships Ocean Viking and Geo Barents are in quarantine in Augusta due to the Covid pandemic, the German ship Sea Watch 4 in Trapani, while its crew is eating Sicilian cannoli, the other German ship Sea Eye 4 in Palermo under administrative arrest for pollution and endangering shipping, the German Louise Michel and Alan Kurdi (the latter ship changes its name to ResqPeople, with an Italian organization and the former judge Gherardo Colombo as honorary president) in maintenance in the “pirate” port of Borriana (Catalonia) together with the Spanish Open Arms and Aita Mari. The Italian “Mare Jonio”, who was paid to take 27 migrants on board from a Danish ship (four suspects, including the former no-global Casarini), lies in the port of Chioggia.

With zero deaths at sea and zero landings in Sicily, it confirms the attractiveness of NGO ships for paying illegal immigrants, an essential resource for the business of the new slave traders of the 21st century. This business is well calculated and is based on the movements of NGO ships, whose movements and routes are known to the smugglers in real time via the Internet ( They send the barges full of paying customers with just enough fuel to arrive a few miles off the Libyan coast right under the “humanitarian” ships that are anxiously waiting for the new arrivals. In the meantime, Parliament has approved the refinancing of the Armed Forces Mission to train the Libyan Coast Guard, which the Italian Government and the European Union have entrusted for several years with the task of preventing illegal immigration on the Libyan coasts. An impressive situation, which is unfortunately only provisional and will surely soon collapse due to the hypocritical and absurd objections of a radical-globalist, anti-Italian and chic left, which is far from the harmful effects.

By: UME / Nicola De Felice, retired Division Admiral

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