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Viktor Orbán: “Fulfilling our mission”

At the 30. anniversary of the Visegrád group, also known as V4, the Hungarian Prime Minister has written and published the following essay:

Viktor Orbán: “Fulfilling our mission”
Throughout the history of Central Europe, it has not just been a role, but a mission. The Soviet occupation obscured this fact from our awareness until 1990. The modern solution to our fundamental mission was incomprehensible as long as the Soviet soldiers were stationed in our countries and our only desire was to break free from the Warsaw Pact.

Our perspectives were also narrowed and our strengths distracted by the urge to get rid of the communists and send the invading bayonets where they belong. To get them as far as possible from governing power and into to the educational materials of our children and grandchildren as the ultimate historical mistake of trying to build up a future without national values and Christian teachings. Our countries were in a happy, yet very weakened state after the overthrow of communism and our liberation. All of our efforts were consumed by survival, the challenge of an enormous transformation, and establishing a viable new era in line with Western values. Yet still, our hearts dictated even in 1991 that our countries – Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic – should be united in some manner. We knew that centuries would come and go, but Central Europe’s community of destiny remains.

And indeed, thirty years later, as NATO members, we have a claim to the most dynamic region in the European Union. Strong growth, low unemployment, rapid digital transformation, robust investments. This is who we are today.

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