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(VIDEO) The secret of a little russian girl. The power of reason- Episode1

Now we’re waiting for the utility bills. Should I expect the price increases because of the war Russia has started in the Eastern Europe?  Should I be concerned with the geopolitical battles, happening thousands of kilometers from my home?  It seems that each of us will learn more about Russia’s influence on our lives.

What kind of danger does Russia pose to the new world? Why is Russia a threat to the global democracies, primarily the USA and the European Union? “How did Russia make the whole world / Europe become gas addicted?”

Gregor Razumovsky is a specialist in combating disinformation and propaganda. Has been involved in responsible positions in international political information campaigns for the last 20 years. He is considered one of the foremost communication and information-flow analysts in the German speaking EU countries.

Source: 1plus1TV, Demokracija

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