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(VIDEO) Demokracija magazine editor Biščak for Polish national television TVP on Russian aggression against Ukraine: Ukraine needs to be defended, helped, otherwise Putin will attack another country

“We must ask ourselves, has any NATO country ever threatened Russia and encroached on its territory? Never. NATO was founded in the late 1940s, this international security organisation served a single purpose – to defend the Member States. It has never unprovokedly encroached on foreign territory,” Demokracija editor Jože Biščak told Polish national television TVP.

Polish national television hosted a show over the weekend, “What’s next?”, which talked about the war in Ukraine. The show, in which Marek Buudzisz (expert on Eastern issues), Jarosław Guzy (expert on international affairs), prof. Joseph Weiler (a lawyer from New York University), and Jože Biščak participated tried to answer the question of whether Western countries are also to blame for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Jože Biščak believed that Russia had unprovokedly attacked Ukraine. “Sovereign countries, including Ukraine, decide independently and freely which organisation to join. This is their right and free choice. They cannot be a toy in the hands of superpowers, Putin cannot condition that he will not attack Ukraine if it becomes a member of NATO” said the editor-in-chief of Demokracija magazine and warned that all indications are that there is no obstacle for Putin, nor will there be any obstacle to attacking a NATO member if he does not stop now.

“Poland is already under threat, and so are the Scandinavians. Finland would now like to join NATO to feel more secure. The Scandinavians have never threatened Russia, but Russia has attacked them in history. Let’s just remember that the Bolsheviks (and Putin is an educated Bolshevik, a communist) have always had territorial aspirations and were willing to cooperate with the Nazis to seize, for example, Poland,” said Biščak, adding that it is very difficult to blame the West for the Kremlin invading Ukraine.

“But we can say two things. First, the West did not react sharply when Putin invaded Georgia in 2008, nor did the West react when Putin annexed Crimea in 2014 and seized Luhansk and Donetsk. Putin had to attack the whole Ukraine for the West to react for the first time. And secondly, today the West is dealing with gender theories, embracing the LGBT agenda, looking for enemies where there are none – persecuting all those who oppose decadent liberal democracy. He did not care at all about Putin and his plans for conquest. And now it is what it is. It is necessary to defend Ukraine, to help it, even by banning flights over Ukrainian territory. In my opinion, Putin will not stop in Ukraine,” Biščak concluded.

You can watch the video HERE.

Janja Strah

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