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Vice-Chairman of Europa Terra Nostra Ivan Bilokapić spoke in an interview for a Slovenian website about European cooperation, mass migrations, and other current issues

Recently, a Slovenian identitarian group Tradicija proti tiraniji (Tradition against Tyranny) published on its website an interesting interview with Ivan Bilokapić, the Vice-Chairman of the international European patriotic organisation Europa Terra Nostra.

Ivan was born in Croatia and moved abroad after he finished his studies. He joined Europa Terra Nostra and became its Vice-Chairman in 2020. As he said in the interview, Europa Terra Nostra advocates for the cooperation of nationalists in Europe and the West. As someone who lived as a child through the war in Croatia, he said that he understood the importance of national identity and sovereignty already at a very young age.  But he also warns that there is a thin line between healthy nationalism, that is love for one´s homeland and peoples, and the national-chauvinism and irrational hatred toward other nations. That is why he especially focuses on supporting dialogues between European nations with troublesome past, including Croats and Serbs, because it is his opinion that only those nations can move forward only through a sincere and honest dialogue in finding the solutions to their problems. His efforts, and those of ETN, were already successful since through Europa Terra Nostra many nationalists from the countries which share an uncomfortable past have started to communicate.

In the interview, Ivan also described the activities of Europa Terra Nostra, such as organising different gatherings, lectures, workshops, social events, and publishing books. Ivan is also the host of the ETN´s official podcast and is active in collecting the signatures for the petition against the New EU pact for asylum and migrations.

At the end of the interview, he also focused on the issue of mass migrations, and the reasons behind it. He emphasized that the migrations have an important, even prevailing, economical aspect. Migrants come to Europe in search of “Eldorado of social and economic package of benefits, including housing, prosperous jobs, etc«, but instead they end up in migrant camps and in ghettos, where they turn to crime. At the same time, Ivan tells us that the migrations are being supported largely by the big corporations in search of cheap labour.

You can read the entire interview here:

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