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They are better at counting euros than they are at counting to 46: the staggering earnings of the salon socialists will shock you!

Although the Constitutional Arch Coalition talks about caring for the little man, the truth is very different: the Constitutional Arch Coalition is led by the people who love money more than anything else in this world. A lot has already been said about the salary of the SD president Tanja Fajon: she earns nine thousand euros a month as a Member of the European Parliament[1]. That is five times as much as the average Slovenian salary. It should also be noted that as many as two-thirds of Slovenians receive a salary that is lower than the average.

The love for money is even more evident with Jože Damijan, who is supposed to be the one to lead this coalition – when he manages to count up to 46, of course. For now, the only thing proving his mathematic skills, are his euros – and in a situation where ordinary people would be even more severely affected by the epidemic, and their economic standard would have deteriorated dramatically if it were not for the government which had taken decisive action to help the people and the businesses.

So, let’s take a look at the war profiteer, the former neoliberal and convert, Jože Damijan, employed at the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics. A full-time professor received a basic salary of 3,400 euros gross at the Faculty of Economics, which is twice as much as the average Slovenian salary – without any of the additional allowances. Let’s not even mention the fact that Jože Damijan does not only receive the basic salary but an even higher salary, with additional allowances.

Damijan’s love for money
Besides his regular job, his additional earnings really stand out. In 2009, the left-wing’s official newspaper Mladina already addressed the issue of his income at the telecommunications agency Apek, where, in addition to his regular salary, he was also receiving six thousand euros a month, for analysing the prices of the mobile service providers. Damijan thus received as much as 1,500 euros from the Apek agency for one page of his analysis, which amounts to a total of 47, 390 euros[2]!

After that, Jože Damijan only deepened his love for money – Siol revealed all of Damijan’s additional earnings last week:

  • The LMŠ party, led by Marjan Šarec, paid Damijan 18,300 euros this year! Nobody knows what he advised them on, and based on the things that Marjan Šarec is talking about, we cannot say that the student has learned anything from the professor.
  • Last year, the LMŠ party also helped the full-time professor, as the party paid him as much as 41,333 euros! This is an amount of money that an ordinary person would pay for a well-equipped car of the prestigious German brand – an Audi A4 Avant!
  • Damijan’s company GRANT THORNTON ADVISORY, co-owned by his current wife Sandra Damijan, had earned a staggering 394 thousand euros in revenue last year. For this amount of money, the spouses Jože and Sandra Damijan are able to buy a 158-square-meter 4-room apartment in Ljubljana’s Vižmarje district[3], which is being sold by the Stoja agency, owned by Zoran Đukić. Coincidence or fate? The real estate agent Đukić is the son-in-law of the construction tycoon Stojan Petrič, who is apparently also Damijan’s employer. Remember how a year ago Jože Damijan wrote comments about how the government should entrust the construction of the second tunnel tube in the Karavanke tunnel to a local builder (read: Petrič’s company Kolektor), but completely forgot to mention the fact that Kolektor had transferred money to the Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Slovenia at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which then paid for Damijan’s analysis, which cost the exact same amount? It should also be mentioned that Damijan then published his writings in Petrič’s factory newspaper Delo and also earned some additional money there.

The money for the equipment could also be contributed by their other company, L. i. f. e., which had earned as much as 52,144 euros in revenue last year.  What other Slovenian can boast about earning another half a million euros, in addition to having a secure, regular job? The next time Jože Damijan, in the company of the other left-wing socialists with high salaries, tries to talk to you about the welfare state, hold on to your wallet tightly!

Sara Kovač

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