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The Sick Obsession of Čeferin’s Mafia Friend Slaviša Kokeza Has Been Revealed!

In recent days we have revealed the connections between the UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin and the Serbian mafia, in particular through his long-time acquaintance Slaviša Kokeza, who is otherwise also a prominent member of the UEFA, as well as president of the Serbian Football Association. The latest astonishing revelations, however, suggest that Kokeza looks up to the famous Colombian mafia godfather Pablo Escobar, whose life story was immortalised by movies, book, television programmes and even popular music.

New juicy details from the life of the president of the Serbian Football Association, Slaviša Kokeza, are coming to light. Kokeza is an old acquaintance of the UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin, and together with the president of the Croatian Football Federation, Davor Šuker, they form a suspicious Balkan alliance at the top of the Union of European Football Associations, with a noble touch of Cosa Nostra. This time, the Objektiv web portal revealed the obsession that Kokeza suffers from. As stated, he is said to have devoured everything from the films about the famous Colombian mafia godfather Pablo Escobar, and he allegedly also imitated him.

Escobar is otherwise famous for being the most known drug king in the history of the mafia underworld. Even in terms of his personal protection, Kokeza supposedly followed the example of the famous deceased mobster. In his case, too, a subtle raising of the hand should suffice as a sign. Everyone who knows Kokeza well knows about his love for Colombia and his fascination with Escobar. It is also known that Kokeza went to visit the South American country every year. He allegedly even prefers going to Colombia to visiting his native Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kokeza travels to Colombia every year; however, he does not stay in the capital – Bogota. He prefers to stay in his beloved Medellin. This is the city, which was ruled by the infamous Escobar, and also the place where he was killed. This city was once considered to be the most dangerous in the world, however, this has not deterred Kokeza from visiting it. Upon returning home, he always boasted and showed everyone the photographs from the Escobar Fortress. He also bragged about how he had personally met some of Pablo’s co-workers. It is not a pleasant thing to hear that someone is bragging about having met serious criminals.

Kokeza is said to have been involved in the planning of the assassination of the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić
As already mentioned, shocking news has been coming to light in recent weeks about Čeferin’s close ally and friend, Kokeza. In Serbia, the current hot topic is the affair related to the head of the mafia cartel within Partizan’s Grobari fan group, Veljko Belivuk, also known as Velja Nevolja, who Kokeza knows personally. Nevolja and some of his criminal associates brutally tortured their victims and cut their dead bodies up on the premises of the Partizan football club.

However, the latest information from Serbia reveals that Kokeza was detained and interrogated for allegedly planning the assassination of the Serbian president Aleksander Vučić. He allegedly refused to take a lie detector test, which raises strong suspicions.  Former State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, Dijana Hrkalović, was also detained as part of a large-scale police operation. She was questioned in regard to the alleged links to the criminals Darko Elez and the infamous Belivuk. She also allegedly refused to take the lie detector test.

Sara Kovač

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